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  1. Hi everyone Just wanted to know a very simple question. I just got some leds (interior ones) and I wand to wire them up so they come on when I turn the side lights on. Can someone tell me what is the best or easiest route to do this? bearing in mind I dont know much about electronics. Should I tackle this myself or should I leave this to a friend of a friend who does alot of car wiring. If it's farily simple, can you tell me how it's done? Thanks
  2. Just cleaning out the shed and found some tyres Item Condition: 4 used/part worn tyres. 2 tyres have 5mm and 2 have about 3.5mm Price & Conditions: £10 each Item Description: 4x Michelin pilot tyres. 2x Pilot Exalto, 1 Pilot SX and 1 Pilot HX. Would be good to use on track Pictures: Location: Dorchester, Dorset Contact Details: PM me Postage & Packaging / Delivery: Local pickups, delivery at buyers cost
  3. ilghap

    Small size amp.

    I'm after a Small size Amp. something around 8" 20cm The smaller the better as it's going somewhere in the dash. Oh and it's got to be able to power a 8" sub. I'm not sure what power the sub is, it's just got JL audio on the back. I am guessing 300 watts???? as my old JVC 320watt amp used to power it. If you have or know someone who has something like this then please can you PM me Thanks
  4. Hi everyone Can anyone tell me if you can buy a cheap-ish SMALL amp? Basically I have a toyota MPV and I need a small amp to go in the dash. So I need it fairly small. Something around 6"? This is to power my 8" subwoofer which is going to be mounted on the bottom part of the dash. I have no idea how powerful the sub is, I have looked all over and cannot find anything. It just says JL audio....... I am guessing 300 watts? So can anyone recommend a amp ?? I think the max I can spend is around £60-70 If not, does anyone know if this would fit? http://www.ebay.co.u...=item35beeecab6 Does that spec seems like it would power my sub? Thanks
  5. really? just hoover them? I never had a panel filter before, all my induction kits I had before were washed and oiled except my AEM for my civic. So just run a hoover attachment over it and it's done? how clean will this be? Iddy. sending you a PM
  6. Just looking into getting a Blitz SUS panel filter and was wondering if you can clean them? Has anyone got one of these? I know you can clean the K+N panel filters but I'm not sure what are the blitz one are made of and if you can clean them. Any ideas? Cheers
  7. Ah I see. Just looking into it at the moment. I will prob be looking to get some after I get the car lowered anyway (not my GT by the way) Will have to order some lowering kit from japan.
  8. Sorry to dig up an old topic. Will you wear out the bearing If you use hubcentric ones? Or does all spacers cause the bearing to wear down quicker?
  9. Thanks. I am rubbish as guessing weights. Yeah It's only light items but deliveries are always weight and size so I need to find out Can you do a guestimate on A.spoiler and B.the pair of evo/scooby lenght skirts. as these will be under 2 auction and I need to know the rough weigh of each
  10. Can anyone tell me how much does a OEM GT spoiler and OEM plastic skirts weighs?? I am trying to buy something from a importing site on yahoo auction but I need to know the rough weight so I can get an estimate shipping price. Actually can someone tell me the weigh of the OEM starlet GTspoiler and maybe the weight of a evo/scooby OEM skirts? The skirts I am getting will be bigger than the GT's skirts thanks
  11. That is actually a very good idea..... but managed to get my modeling long nose tweezers in there and pulled the badboy out. Thanks chaps for the advice:)
  12. OK. I found a tip (on a daihatsu site which shares a simular, if not the same speedo as the bB) and the chap said I need to pull them striaght up HARD. he said ''the needles are only stuck onto the pin / shaft. But very strong'' he also said ''I constructed a tool: I took a pair of tweezers and bent the endings so I got two L-shaped endings facing towards each other touching each other without the need to squeeze the tweezers. With this I got under the black part of the needles near the shaft and pulled them off straight upwards. Be sure to pull in the direction facing off the motherboard. It won't be easy but when you are carefull and pulling quite hard in the right direction you won't break anything.'' does this sound right?
  13. Sorry for this really easy question but I need to know kinda quicky. My friend is going to work on my speedo tomorrow and I need to know before 11am tomorrow. I need to remove both rev and speed needles off the clocks so I can get the backing plastic (with the numbers, speed, rev) out. It's for my 2006 toyota bB I know it's not a common car and prob no one has worked on one before..... but I was hoping most newer toyota will have a simular sort of layout and was put together in a simular way. So has anyone worked on a newer toyota? I don't want to pull hard incase I snap or break something. Getting a new clock will cost alot for me Thanks
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