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  1. Lmao send me a text mate think it might be easier. +44 7784 741923
  2. Try now bud inbox was full deleted some so should have space now.
  3. Ill have a zisco ram horn for sale in the next week or so. No cracks etc £200 I'll be asking for it
  4. Got one here on the gt im braking
  5. How the hell do you delet old pm's mark? My inbox must be full. Been awhile since Ive deleted out on here lol can't remember how to do it
  6. Hey up mark son. Peters popping down to buy some rear calipers off me this week I'm not to sure what day as yet. But you should have a pop over with mate 👍🏻
  7. Just trying my luck pal. U just never know lol
  8. As said above must be genuine and in good condition cheers
  9. Abit of a long shot but anyone have one for sale? Must be genuine. Cheers
  10. Hahaha cheers mate. Yeah i lost interest in my glanza so put it away and its been sat there for a year or so. But now its got to the point where im missing the shit out of it so its coming back out this year for sure
  11. Ohh dear thanks for clearing that up for me matt. Good to see a fair few new traders on here since i was last on. Fourm has come together nicely over the last few years. Hopefuly this year ill get to meet quite a few of yous that ive known for years but havent put a face to the name as i plan on a tending a few shows
  12. Hi guys and girls i havent been on here for quite awhile so just catching up on things. Ive noticed zisco arnt trading anymore on here. Is there a general reasion for them not trading on more or a bad reasion? Haha. Cheers
  13. Let me know jordan and ill pop over to see you mate
  14. If that was a genuine front lip id of been all over it glwts
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