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  1. Love Curborough, Been 5 times in the last couple of years, got another on the 12th October.
  2. TGTT Track day back in 09 had about 30 ;) Drove cadwell park before, great fun.
  3. The Bilstein stuff looks tempting too, it was top notch on my Evo VIII
  4. Fensport! that's where i had them from originally, nice one. will get some ordered.
  5. cheers for that, the listing shows a front but describes a rear, no fronts listed?
  6. Hi Folks, Used to be on here when it was UKSC but we won't go there ;) Still got my Starlet, it's back on the road and doing fine, just bought another to overhaul and upgrade mine as it was poverty spec and doesn't even have power steering! Ian
  7. ok, i'm going to look at a car tomorrow that i'm going to use for spares, but if that doesn't work out will be in touch
  8. good stuff, let me know mate and what you're looking for it. needs be rust and dent free though :)
  9. Was after new if possibly rather than 2nd hand. but will have a look. cheers
  10. excellent, so what's missing from that? looks like rack itself, and the hard piping? funny, you're doing PAS delete and i'm converting my non-pas car :D
  11. Hi all, My Koni's have been on since 2003 and are beyond knackered, The springs are just as old and everything could do with refreshing, can you still get Koni Suspension? if not, whats the best bet? Would consider Coilovers but need to be suitable (ie not rock hard!) also, want to keep my current ride height if poss. been out the game a while now so don't know who's still doing what and what's available.
  12. Green would be ideal, but any colour considered as long as no dents or rust. Ideally Midlands area so I can collect Ian
  13. As above, need the lot, Rack, Pump, pulleys, all lines, reservioir, the lot please Ian
  14. Hi Folks, I've entered a road rally and my car is rather low, so i could do with some stock EP91 springs and dampers front and rear I can put onto the car to raise it up a bit. Midlands area preferred unless you are prepared to post? Cheers, Ian
  15. honestly, i dont think that will be enough power. to get the 'powerful starlet' feel, you're looking around 350-400bhp. that is achievable with bolt on mods and a remap
  16. The 5 Speed is the stronger box. Mine's a 5 speed. ;)
  17. I run 4 pots on the standard uk starlet BMC and servo no problem? was gonna suggest the upsidedown calipers problem but someone beat me to it, ahah
  18. getting rolling then flooring it should be fine, it's just standing launches can break things if done too often. same with most 4WD cars though to be honest, it's not that you shouldn't do them, it's you shouldn't do them too often ;) the evo has 2 step built in so will hold the revs at 5.5k if you floor it in neutral, so it's not like it's not designed to get off the line quick :}
  19. currently running an Evo 8, but still have the Starlet tucked away It's lightly modded, uprated turbo, cams, intercooler, map etc. last rr printout 408bhp but i reckon it's about 370-390 . It's quick, pulls hard and is one of the best sounding cars i've owned. handling is also great as you'd expect and you can feel the AYC pushing you into a corner. it's not all that refined. although leagues ahead of the starlet, haha. But it's little things like terrible steering lock, can barely make some junctions, and forget about doubling back on a mini roundabout. jerky in traffic and just generally mechanically a little 'noisy' . none of this is a worry as that's the type of car it is. it's like a more grown up starlet and a natural stepping stone away from it. I don't think you'd be disappointed. fuel economy 15-20 round town, less if you floor it, 25 -30 on a run . no major reliability issues, but did spend a little when first bought it sorting some things out, since then though just servicing and fuel. drivetrain can be a little fragile and wouldn't recommend too many launches else you could well be picking your transfer case up off the road.
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