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  1. Theres also a side on shot my car in the latest Banzai, in the JAE pictures I'll be keeping them for a while Rick, wheres yours and the TTE S/C?
  2. haha no probs dude. Should've come said hello if i was lurking about :harhar:
  3. everyone says that!! is it because of the bubbly round curves
  4. Not really much to update apart from a i bought a K&N typhoon a few weeks ago, seems to love the high revs now... (or placebo?) Typhoon: JAE Pics: Next i am planning on a mk2 yaris front splitter and a red reverse lense for the back to tidy everything up! Comments welcome! Eric
  5. Yo rick you still got the yaris?..... still goin ahead with the s/c?
  6. lovely track cars, one of my mates relatives use to have a dimma kitted 205 mi16 on weber carbs, looked the nuts and certainly sounded evil on tickover!
  7. Oh really, check out here: http://www.yarisclubuk.com/forum/viewtopic...f=10&t=6815
  8. they sound gorgeous with the mil-tek exhaust, how the v6 should sound!!
  9. Im gonna be over on Yaris club, but shall come look at your little starlets!!!
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