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  1. paid for my 4 tickets i need 2 stand passes please
  2. Price for rocker cover lines and catch can, clear cam cover, and engine mounts (assuming they fot oem lsd) posted to blackpool please
  3. Snow +3 will be with a civic as well if thats ok ill make the park out of sight
  4. How much for the what's left?
  5. Evo 4's on ep91 rails pm me for pics etc
  6. nope paypal name is def correct it was addressed to shity thomas luckily the post office laughed as i had to go collect as they arrived whilst working
  7. 68kg managed to bench 36kg's dumbells last chest session, so not to heavy but I'm a muay thai fighter so can't get bigger without going up a weight class
  8. I'll have a black standard bonnet available as soon as the courier delivers my new one
  9. I've got some evo 4 seats on ep91 rails I can send you pics on whatsapp/faceboom
  10. Snow

    oem arm rest bracket

    Haha no worries we all have friends like that
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