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  1. Looking for a n/a 4e or 5e bottom end. Or complete engine. Let me know what you got
  2. Yeah it was him. We are usually parked up at morrisons. If you around and see us in there. Pop in and say hello
  3. It could have been my mates. It doesn't have a black bonnet though. But does have polished lips
  4. Yes correct you can. Whatever is easiest for you. Only thing you don't see on the website. Is the group buys i can offer. But because im not a trader on here. I cannot advertise them. There are across on my facebook pagehttps://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=822514194490520
  5. I have to order them. But they are readily available. So they arrive pretty quick
  6. If you need any zisco parts. Please pm me im a uk dealer for zisco
  7. I have a tial one. Pm me if your interested
  8. I have a ep82 one if your interested bud
  9. Jhandy


    Yh. They need to be good condition
  10. Jhandy


    Hmm will have a think on that one bud
  11. Jhandy


    Ideally full boxes. But what have u got
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