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Glanza's in Herts/Beds/Bucks

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First post on the forum so I'll keep it short and sweet.

I'm looking to buy a Glanza in the next few months. Having never actually had a proper look or ride in one, are there any members local to Hertfordshire who would spare an hour or so for a few beers? I've had a look for meets etc but can't find anything.



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I'm in Stevenage, haven't seen any glanzas about? Want to come to a meet any about?

There are a couple you can go to, the Cruise on Sundays which isn't really a cruise but it's in Milton Keynes. A few people on here attend that, it's been going for years and is alright. Or you have Boosted which is the third Sunday of every month in kingswood Aylesbury and has a good variety of motors including a few Glanzas etc. The best thing would be to get onto Facebook as there are loads but that should start you off nicely.

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MKs alright if your meeting other people but as a cruise it's not exactly good lol, but there is a few of us who go there

I went to boosted last month and was disappointed tbh, some cool cars but just doesn't seem worth the trip, and the early morning aha

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