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Group Buy : Cruise Style Carbon Fibre Fenders

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Hi Dean,

Pleased to hear! They are all moulded and in production - we need to get a perfect one out and throughly check it over for quality then they will be go into full swing production.

Either way.. it wont be long all being well!!



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Hi Craig

Yes they are currently in production and we have made some tweeks to the mould after pulling the test panels out.

As put originally we are all about quality not mass produced cheap parts - as a result it takes time to get it perfect!

As soon as I have some images of the final finished fenders I will post them up!



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Morning All,

Just had an update with manufacturing all great news, all the fenders are moulded and had an initial quick trim.

The final stages are now polishing, trimming and pre drilling. A relatively simple process left but it just takes a little time as I have ordered over 40 sets of fenders!!

They will all being shipped in a job lot so all designs EP82 / EP91 will be coming at once - I should have an anticipated shipping date later today all being well!

In the interim, here are some photo's to wet your appetite..... :)






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Afternoon All,

Great news that the fenders are finally packed up, wooden crated and sent to port ready to board the ship to the UK. Shipping time will take 30-40days all being well and then I will arrange getting this huge crate from port in the UK.

As for everyone who has paid a 50% deposit, as these have now been shipped and paid for the remaining 50% is now due. I will contact you all individually by PM / facebook etc and then resend the paypal invoice for the remaining balance.

Any queries questions, please let me know!

Thanks again, Simon!

P.S Carbon Boot, Plate surround, JAM Spoiler, JAM Skirts all going into mould! Keep your eyes peeled for the threads!

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Hi all,

Great news - the shipment of wings arrived from port yesterday with us so we've been going through test fitting and quality checking so far. All is looking very promising and the quality is fantastic.

Si will be in touch with you all in regards to shipping / collection 😊

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Evening All,

As above, we have taken stock of the fenders and have been trial fitting and assessing the quality - we have been very pleased meaning you all will be also as we are rather fussy!! 

Here some sample images and I will be getting in touch with everyone to sort posting or collection - down to each individual's choice! 











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I shall be confirming how many sets are still available shortly, I shall also be doing a new run for everyone who has missed out! 

@jayc-glanza17 I will be going through all orders and contacting everyone in due course to collect remaining amounts and provide shipping quotes to those who need it! 

Thanks everyone Simon 


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13 hours ago, Starlet Rep Build said:

@Si@Fiske Any update to if there was any sets left?


and i noticed you will be making a few more carbon parts too..any update on these?


Thanks a lot Andy

Hi Andy,

At this moment in time we are currently out of stock on our first batch - the demand has been huge! Would you like to pre-order another set ?

We have more parts moulding currently including a boot, Jam spoiler, number plate surround and Jam skirts. 

Many thanks,


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