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So, I'm very reluctant to stop posting in this forum because it's where my love of cars started.

I did used to own a Starlet for those newbies who don't know who I am - I then sold that to buy a Civic. However, now.... I have bought myself the car I have always wanted.. an MX5. I didn't purposely seek one, it kinda fell into my hands :D. I'll do a brief story with added sentimental values..

When I was little, I always wanted a soft top car with 'blinking eyes' - if I ever saw one I'd shout at my mum or dad 'BLINKING CAR'. I obsessed over toy cars when I was little and my favourites were always the convertibles. Soo, time passed I got older - started driving, had a few cars now and still nothing satisfied me in terms of driving wise, comfort and style... in the back of my mind I always said I want an MX5, but I never thought I'd have one.. until this year.

I have a few friends with 5's and every time I saw one I knew I needed one. After about a month of persuasion I finally got one. A very very good friend of mine managed to pick one up for a dirt cheap price (it needed a bit of TLC as such) - and I knew from the moment I saw it I wanted it, but the Civic needed a lot of help before I could even imagine getting rid. The things that sold it to me...

- It's an MX5.

- It's red (my favourite colour).

- The reg plate...(has my initials and the age I passed my test)

- Same age as me.

- Had a full respray and brand new roof and dry stored for 5 years up until a couple of months ago!

Anyway - after that intro... I'm usually one to keep my cars fairly standard and clean looking as I love the standard look with a few slight mods.. So I don't have huge plans other than general TLC, maintain the beautiful paintwork, personalise the interior to my style. But yes, here she is... I genuinely love driving her and I wish I'd bought one sooner. Haven't had chance to get many photos yet as it's rained a fair bit... but here are a couple I took when I first took her home...



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its a starlet forum but any car is welcome here,

Im happy to see any build thread from passionate owners. Its all in the details that no one notices

These mx5 are awesome little cars. Lots of mods you can do these now,

Is this 1.8? They are solid little motors

Looks foward to seeing progress on this

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Hey dude... I love stories like this... When you get the car you've always wanted :) a blinking car!!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the progress updates and little bits you do here and there... Admittedly I'm a little dissapointed we can't draw on it at JAE... But you know :-P

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