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Lowering springs recommendations?

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Im in the progress on glanza repping my S reg 1998 starlet but its taking its time 😂

Can anyone recommend any good lowering springs either 35 or 40mm or has any for sale in the uk (high peak area) 

Im new to the lowering scene?🤷‍♂️

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I've had tte, kilen, and apex all on this car, the kilens looked lovely was like a 45mm drop way more than the stated 40 but drove like shit tbh, the apex on now feel much better but I had new shocks at the same time 

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I've been running generic 40mm red lowering springs which are fine and do not scrape to much. If I would buy lowering springs myself I would go for Apex ones which lower the car 35mm and new shocks(not just because Apex is a Dutch company😅). Apex offers a good warranty for the first owner and 40mm is just to much for standard shocks imo.

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