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4efte Corolla E11 2WD to 4WD

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8 hours ago, Frankieflowers said:

Hi guys.

I swapped a 4efe with a 4efte engine in a Corolla E11. I am researching info to convert to 4WD. What’s are the options? I was told that the 4afe Corolla E11 SW 4WD won’t fit the 4efte engine. What do you think?

Don't 100% quote me, but ive heard of people using the G6R 6 speed on a 4efe by swapping the bellhousing. Could this not be possible with the 4wd box?

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Not sure on the 4wd box, "BUT" I have swapped alot of Toyota C series gearbox bell housings over on various boxes so far so good. 

The only real problem I have come across is certain differential drive shaft splines count and shaft diameter can differ. 

Things like main shaft/lay shaft bearings require swapping over and things like syncros and florks cam be different. Which because of power levels I always opt for the strongest option. 

Also the diff bearing preload Sims require setting up. When you swap a bell housing you also swap half of the diff carrier housing. 

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Thank you. What is your suggestion to get a four-wheel-drive differential on my Corolla? The 1.8 4AFE Corolla SW could be perfect for the swab but someone told me that the differential isn’t bolt on. Also concerning prices I am quite sure that buying the car for 2000 and €600 might be more convenient than finding separate parts to build up the rear transmission and shaft. The fuel tank Hass to be replaced and the best option would be to have a complete car to use for the swap. 

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