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Starlet Sportif to Toyota Paseo Clock conversion

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Here are the pin swaps necessary for the Paseo clocks in a Starlet Sportif.

I traced the circuitboard from each pin to the relevant bulb or gauge and I have wired them up as follows. Everything is working perfectly apart from the tacho (as I'm sure you have gathered).

I hope this is helpful for anyone that also wants to do this. I will update this with the correct wire for the tacho as soon as I've had a look at Idrees SR clocks on Sunday :unsure:

Pin-Purpose-Wire Colour (->|- = Diode)

1. IG + Temp and Fuel - Red/Blue

2. ->|- Pin 3 (Handbrake) / ->|- Battery - Yellow/Black

3. Battery - Black/White

4. ? Unused - Black

5. Handbrake light - Yellow/Red


7. Airbag 1 - Blue/White

8. ? Unused - Yellow/Green (used for the temp gauge on non-tacho clocks)

9. ? Unused - Brown (used for the temp gauge on non-tacho clocks)

10. Tacho Pulse from ECU - Black

11. Airbag 2 - Pink/Black

12. Door open light 1 (unused) - ---------

13. Door open light 2 (unused) - ---------

1. Fuel indicator light - Black/Yellow

2. Temp T - Yellow/Green (unused on non-tacho clocks)

3. ABS light - Red/Green

4. Engine check light - Green/White

5. Oil Light - Yellow


7. Illumination - Green

8. Temp E - Brown (unused on non-tacho clocks)

9. Illumination - White/Green








1. High Beam light +ve - Red/White

2. High Beam light -ve - White/Black

3. Left Indicator light - Green/Black

4. Fuel F - Yellow/Black

5. Fog Light - Red/Yellow

6. Speedo 4P - Purple

7. Speedo and Fuel SE - Brown/White

8. Right Indicator light - Green/Yellow



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Sorry to keep re-asking the same question but really hoping there's a wire in the loom behind the clocks for the tacho sender. If anyone out there has an SR (they have a rev counter right?) that is local to Manchester and will let me have a look at theirs (I've had my clocks in and out so many times now, I'm a pro at it :p ) I'd be forever in your debt. I could have your clocks out and back in mega quick. I know it's a lot to ask but I'm sick of staring at beautiful white Paseo dials with a motionless rev needle :D

Once it's all sorted I'm gonna do a really detailed how to for anyone else that fancies a go. I'll even help people do theirs if they want to come round to mine or if they're local.




i don`t know how relevant this is to your situation but when i fitted my white face glanza dash to my N/A i had to stare at my dash for a while also

the wire is brown shielded & the last little bit is black

but by chance i found that there is a + supply that i had to add to the dash to make it work the markings on the printed circuit board aren`t very precise & i wasn`t getting power in the loom somehow so i just added a jumper from the nearest gauge temp i think & presto it worked

this is what i found & might just get you a fix try powering the + terminal on the tacho with a temporary jumper & see if that works i think from memory i just touched the terminal & when it worked i made it permanent

i don`t know how similar our cars are in australia but they can`t be too different

i got folding mirrors also & found the loom a wire short also just another frustration

hope this helps you think through a solution


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I've done a colour-coded swap guide that details all the pin swaps from sportif to paseo, I'll jpeg it and attach it as a picture on here as soon as I have the tacho sorted, don't believe in doing half a job mate biggrin.png

hi have a duel charged sportif starlet im looking at changing clocks to a glanza clocks with rev counter my email is hp_john@Hotmail.co.uk

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Lads, I know this is a very old thread but I'm considering to get Paseo clocks for my '98 N/A EP91 from EU just to have them in km/h (handy in Ireland, plus they cost £10-20max in Poland!) and as a complete greenhorn in relation to wiring, diagrams and plugs I have a quetsion:

Would the 'How 2 Fit Paseo Clocks Into A Starlet' tutorial work or the european clocks are different?!? Does anyone know please?

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That's true - so I bought some paseo dials but have only realised now that the rev counter is up to 8000rpm's! How it comes that all other speedos I've seen (UK and EU ones) have 7000 rpms?!?

Also have realised that 180 km/h is not enough for my little starlet... What happens with the needle and speedo when you go over that?

Any advice would be appreciated as I don't know should I return it and get EU/UK one... see photo below


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My euro EL54 lhd Paseo is 200km/h and max 7000rpm, right is from n/a lhd EP91.

Brilliant photo comparing them two clocks, thanks MR2! Was the swap process in your EU car exactly the same as described in UKSO tutorial?

That's what I meant with my JDM Paseo (it actually was a Cynos) clocks - why the hell the red starts at 7400 rpm, if all the n/a starlets/glanzas/paseos had a red starting at 5800???

- sure 7400rpms is too much for n/a, isn't it??

My clocks just arrived (photo below) and I'm not happy - I'd prefer to have 200kmh and correct rev counter so most likely will be returning the item...;-(((









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On 10/10/2007 at 8:17 PM, Blue Icarian Wings said:

Here's something on fitting Paseo clocks into Tercel's, the wiring diagram on the pics matched miracles wiring spreadsheet, so Paseo clocks are the same as SR clocks


When I fitted them to my Solida (Elec windows,central locking CD player), it was a case of plug and play

When I fitted them to my g/f's Sportif (manual windows, Tape deck), I had to move wires around


This is a copy and paste from the spreadsheet (I'll host somewhere or I can e-mail it around if people want) If paste it into excel it should line itself up correctly (*EDIT* it's removed the tabs so it won't play, bugger)


no Description New clock A Old clock A Description Move to no Description New clock B Old Clock B Description Move to

1 Yellow & Black Yellow & Black 1 ABS Red & White Black & Yellow Blank

2 Black & White Black & White 2 Oil Yellow Red & Green ABS

3 Yell & Red Yellow & Red 3 Green & White Green & White

11 Seatbelt Blank Yellow & Green Temp T A10 11 Blank Blank

12 Airbag Black & Yellow Blue & White Airbag A13 12 Yellow & Black Yellow & Black

13 Airbag Blue & White Pink & Black Airbag A12 13 Blank Blank

14 14 Green Green

15 15 White & Green White & Green

16 16 Blank Blank



no Description New Clock C Old clock C Description move to

1 Red & Yellow Red & Yellow

2 Blank White & Black High Beam

3 High Beam Red & White Red & White High Beam

4 Green & Black Green & Black

5 Petrol light Black & Yellow Brown & White Fuel SE C 6

6 Fuel SE Brown & White Blank

7 Blank Blank

8 Violet Violet

9 Blank Blank

10 Green & Yellow Green & Yellow


Also had to dig to page 10 but check out my posts here the pic show which plugs are which, and gives a bit of advice, in another post somewhere I expand upon step 9) If you remove the clear cover and binnacle first (as one piece ignore the clear clips go for the black/white painted black ones) it's a lot easier to remove the clocks

So the SR/CD  is plug and play with paseo clocks

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