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I'm in a spot of bother at the moment just finishing off an engine rebuilt only to be stuck on where the water lines and vaccum lines go at the the back of the engine/ to the inlet manifold etc, doesn't seem to be a great deal on the internet about where the pipes go to, does anyone have a diagram please or any suggestions on this please, this is holding me back from firing the gt up. Thanks pat

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1. green dot at front of mani = vacuum for dumpvalve
2. red line is the hose from inlet mani to pcv valve on rocker cover
3. yellow line goes from small pipe on top of throttle body to sensor and from sensor to carbon canister (second picture above)
4. pink line goes from big pipe on top of throttle body to a/c sensor (first picture above)
5. light blue line goes from back top right of inlet mani to a/c sensor ( you can see it in first picture, top left)
6. green line goes from middle back of inlet mani to map sensor
7. white line goes from back left of inlet mani to barke servo

Might help mate ?

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Thankyou mate for even messaging me this I really appericate it but in a bit more detail I'm looking for the lines/pipes what go of the back and underneath the inlet manifold but thankyou so much for posting this 👍

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Does anyone know if I’m not using the dump valve port can I plug my boost controller or boost gauge vacuum in their or with the 3 bar map sensor port T’s off? 

Also what is the carbon canister for, the pipe is currently chopped off is it better to use it?

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Yeh you can use the dump line port in the manifolds plenum chamber for that. 

The canister is there to draw out and store fuel tank fuel vapour then releasing the vapour back into the engine. Charcoal is a very dry material. The fuel tank breather is a closed system for environmental emmisions. 

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