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Another import on my 5th now, DC5 this time

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So after selling my white Glanza and going sensible as looking to go self employed i bought a new Caddy Van how ever i went for a job interview before i commited to going self employed and ended up getting a job. So self employed never happened, Kept the van anyway as its handy for chucking my bike in, using daily and commuting to work as its so cheap to run!

Anyway had that for around 10 months now and really wanted a toy, Was looking at DC5's and R32/R33 gtr's as they are 3 cars ive wanted since i can remember! I saw a couple of R32's but before i made my mind up they had both sold and then i saw a DC5 come up for sale in Northern island.

I live near Dover basically so Northern island couldn't be more of a pain in the backside to travel for a car if i tried!

I was in 2 minds about travelling for it as i didn't want to get there and it not be as described, However after some convincing i booked a flight and the ferry back and went to look at it, Car was immaculate so payed for it then drove to belfast ferry port, Got the ferry to Cairnryan in Scotland and drove 8hrs and 25mins back home! MISSION!

However car drove faultlessly and is probably (maybe biased but previous owner agrees) one of the cleanest DC5's i have ever seen..

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That's a tidy motor! Very Clean!

Also I know how you feel! I've done that exact trip. Flew into Belfast and took the exact same ferry/route home, only to Gloucestershire so not quite as bad but had work the next day and didn't get in till 05:00 work for 09:00. So yeah know your pain there

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