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Item For Sale: Front Wishbone Rearmount Polybushes (where the arm mounts into the chassis)

(same as this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Starlet-EP82-91-Long-Brkt-Front-Arm-Wishbone-Rear-Bush-Kit-SuperPro-Poly-/331404045830?fits=Model%3AStarlet&hash=item4d29386e06:g:0RcAAOSwKrhVbvI5)

Condition: More or less new, was in for a short time but replaced it with an anti lift kit, just a bit dirty is all, will get some pictures if someone really wants them.

Price: £20 Posted

Item For Sale: Evo 7 Recaro's

Item Condition & Description: Standard rails welded onto the starlet feet. Fabric's all in decent condition really, looks a bit worse on the pictures due to absolutely shite lighting.

1 small tear where the fabric stitches together (Has to be pulled to be seen) and the passenger rail has seized. Drivers side moves forward and back fine, both recline fine.

Being really picky where the feet have been welded on has browned slightly, just needs a cover of paint since it was left bare, will rub straight back and I'll do this if I get chance.

Price: £275 Picked up or £295 and you can have both parts of the rear bench (I was going to use the fabric to match the starlet rear bench with the evo front seats)








Payment & Shipping Details: Pick up only please

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