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  1. The north east. meets are getting shitter here
  2. hutchy1990

    For sale glanza rails (SOLD)

    Sold please lock
  3. Lol sound hopefully be good
  4. Cheers mate appreciated you going to JAE?
  5. Should be getting one to go with my other one
  6. hutchy1990

    Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    I have drivers + passengers for sale but read u only need for chopping up so u won't want to be paying full money for them but they there incase you do change your mind
  7. It's sound when driving am still getting used to the turning + parking but more room in the bay the better Can easy get used to it tho
  8. Thought I would make more space in the bay + removed my power steering + looped the rack before jap fest More pics for you guys on way to jap fest Next on the list fit abs delete kit Get front bumper sprayed + repaired again powdercoat cooler pipes order new catch can
  9. Cheers pal different isnt it in grey
  10. For sale glanza rails nowt wrong with them still work as they should just bought some ep performance ones so no longer need. Drivers rail slides, passengers rail is fixed. Not sure what they worth but someone was happy to give me £100 but have no money atm not many rails come up for sale so £100 Collection Durham or can post
  11. hutchy1990

    Bonnet in good condition in 040 if possible

    Got a blue one here
  12. Cheers mate am glad people are loving it as much as I do