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  1. bahnstormer

    Glanza armrest and parcel shelf

    You have PM :).
  2. bahnstormer

    Jellybabyj v turbo kit being sold soon !

    Brilliant thread, very interesting stuff and it's given me a bit of a kick up the arse to get mine sorted out!
  3. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    So, a little more progress made this week. This project has been a slow burner, mainly because it's a second car and I don't need to rush to get anything done, but also because it was parked in a pretty awkward place before I moved it to the driveway this week. Anyway, I managed to get hold of a genuine Glanza steering wheel and airbag which was in fantastic condition, for a not too shabby £50. After it arrived I realised I'd cocked up and bought one for a car with no passenger airbag, but managed to swap the necessary bits over from the old wheel and it fits perfectly . (Picture taken from the eBay listing) The car came with the biggest battery I've ever seen. It's from a Mercedes diesel truck and takes up about half of the engine bay. On the other hand, the car starts without any hesitation . Due to it's size, it can't be held down properly, so I've decided to move it to the boot. Luckily I have an unused battery relocation kit which I intended to use in my old Silvia but never got around to doing. The only thing I've had to get is a big enough battery box, which should hopefully turn up this week so all being well, I can crack on with that job at the weekend. I also got hold of a Greddy Emanage blue (I know, not the greatest, but at £40 I wasn't going to argue) and a few other bits and bobs too. Hopefully I can get the car to a decent spec fairly soon...... More to come...….
  4. bahnstormer

    Glanza armrest and parcel shelf

  5. bahnstormer

    New starlet to bournemouth

    Welcome along mate, nice looking car . I'm from the area too but my Glanza is off the road at the moment being lightly restored. If you happen to see someone in a red FN2 Civic flash you, don't panic it's only me .
  6. bahnstormer

    Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    Lovely car! Obviously a lot of time and hard work has gone into it
  7. bahnstormer

    Glanza armrest and parcel shelf

    Hi all, As above, I'm after a Glanza armrest (I don't need the metal bracket if that makes any difference) and parcel shelf Let me know what you've got
  8. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    Yeah I could've kicked myself when I realised it was gone . I still have the bottom bracket, just not the armrest itself. I see one has come up on FB, but the guy wants £150 for it....
  9. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    Not much to report this week. I spent a little time today putting the interior back in the car, I'm pleased that it's come up fairly clean again. The passenger seat isn't in yet, for two reasons: 1. I left it out for easier access in and out of the rear of the car. 2. It had gone slightly mouldy in the garage. I must've left it a little damp when I put it in there. No big deal though, I'll give it another clean and thorough drying in the week. I only noticed today that the rear seats don't match the fronts but apparently they've always been like that as my sister couldn't find a decent set of rears. I also realised that I can't remember what I did with the push clips that hold the boot carpet to the rear of the seat. They're here somewhere but god knows where! Oh, and I've got a nasty feeling the central armrest has accidentally been binned...... I'm going to speak to a guy at work about re-trimming the steering wheel, he's supposed to be shit hot at stuff like that. No idea why he's working in our stores! I'll check back in with more updates soon
  10. bahnstormer

    S14a major rebuild

    This brings back some memories! My first S chassis was s14a touring in Damson. Bloody loved that car. I converted it from auto to manual on my driveway, which was interesting . Then I had a red Sileighty, a grey S13 and most recently a white PS13. There's just something about the S chassis that keeps me interested.
  11. bahnstormer

    Hi all! Newbie (sort of) checking in.....

    Thanks Socks!
  12. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    Thanks for the comments guys :). If this had been any other car I doubt I'd be quite so enthusiastic about bringing back but I remember how good it used to be which has spurred me on. The body is generally pretty good. The rear bumper needs repainting as do the skirts, the front bumper has snapped in the passenger wheel arch (looking at it quickly, I think I can probably fix it myself), the bonnet has a slight dent right at the very front where the grille is and the drivers door now has a nasty scratch courtesy of a large piece of angle iron which I stupidly left stood near the car.....it missed the window by about an inch, so I was lucky there! I also forgot to mention that it has a couple of nice goodies which my sister fitted, a Blitz Nur Spec exhaust and ARC top mount intercooler. Unfortunately, some of the mounting tabs have broken off of the IC, but I might be able to get that fixed at work. It's still pretty solid though. I'm thinking of changing the wheels at some point, so any advice on decent fitment would be much appreciated, I'd ideally like to stick with 15" wheels :).
  13. bahnstormer

    Hi all! Newbie (sort of) checking in.....

    Thanks for the welcome guys :).
  14. So, thought I'd document the progress with the Glanza. First up, a little history on the car. The car used to belong to my sister, she bought the car from a private seller on Hayling Island, but surprisingly there was no rust anywhere on it. Aside from a few scuffs and dings, it was a nice, honest car which ran and drove well. Over the course of a couple of years she spent quite a bit of money keeping the car maintained and adding her own little touches to it to make it her own. It was originally a bluey/silver colour but she had it sprayed in VW Natural Grey and had the wheels refurbed in white. She fitted the late spec interior and front bumper and generally kept the car spotless. After a couple of years she decided to sell it to fund something a little bigger that she could ferry the kids around in and use for family holidays etc. Under new ownership, the car was neglected and ended up in a pretty sorry state. The body is covered in scratches, both bumpers are damaged (I may be able to repair the front bumper - we'll see) and the car wasn't serviced. Then, I had the opportunity to get hold of it and bring it back to life! So, £500 later, here we are now...... This is the car when I got it. I'm sure you'll agree, something doesn't look right..... That's not supposed to look like that.... Yep, the drivers side had taken a fairly hefty whack into a curb. I didn't take any photos of it, but fortunately it only required a new lower arm and was good as new again, although it does now need the alignment doing, but I'll get around to that once the car is on the road again. The second port of call was the interior. This was absolutely minging. Covered in mouldy old food and general crap, it stank. So, it was removed. Those pictured only show part of the removal, in reality everything bar the dash has come out. I've pressure washed the seats and carpets and everything else has been put through the washing machine, so the smell is 10 times better now. I just have the headlining still to do but that's about it. Oh, it needs a new steering wheel, the original one is being sent off for scientific testing.... While the interior was out, I decided to take care of something that has always annoyed me about the car. It used to have one of those underslung rear fog lights under the bumper. The car is low enough as it is without adding something else to smack on speed bumps, so I removed it and relocated the fog light to the drivers side reverse light. Much tidier I think! (Both lights are on in this pic as I was checking everything still worked). After I'd done that, I gave the old girl a wash. It came up pretty nice, but there is a defect with the paint on the bonnet - funnily enough, that same defect was there before the car was painted. Washing the car emphasised how manky the headlamps had gone, so I gave them the treatment with some Megs headlight restorer and my orbital polisher. (Pic is halfway through). I also gave the car a full service, mainly for my own peace of mind. I'm glad I did as when I removed the sump drain plug, NOTHING came out. The sump was absolutely dry. The coolant reservoir was also empty. So, after some fresh oil and filter, new plugs, new coolant and fuel filter, it runs beautifully again. So, that's where I'm at as of today. No doubt I'll be watching the classifieds like a hawk! Future plans include a manual conversion (more research needed) and TD04 etc etc. Hope you've enjoyed so far, I'll post up more as things happen!
  15. Hi all, Thought it was finally time to introduce myself. I've been a forum member on here for a while and mostly just lurk, reading the odd thread now and then. That's until now! I recently acquired a P reg EP91 Glanza V which needed a little TLC. I got it for the princely sum of £500, which I was quite happy about . I have a few plans for the car, which I'll document in a project thread somewhere, however in the meantime here's a quick pic of it parked up with my daily driver Civic...