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  1. bahnstormer

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    I've said it before, I'll say it again - stunning! Quick question, is the 'clear' brake light in the spoiler a 98 spec thing?
  2. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    Haha you're welcome! I managed to take a quick pic the other night. It's not the greatest, but it'll give you an idea of how they fit:
  3. bahnstormer

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Looking forward to it! Not seen this thread before, the car is absolutely stunning! So much attention to detail.
  4. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    Thanks man! The new rear seats and shelf have made such a difference! Just waiting to get the calipers back now and I can start rebuilding them. I've never actually done a set of calipers before but it all seemed to make sense when I was taking them apart so hopefully should be simple enough.
  5. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    Parcel shelf retaining clips arrived today and fit perfectly . In case anyone is looking for the part numbers, they are: 64323-10040-C0 64324-10040-C0 I paid about £6 each from Amayama, no idea what Toyota would charge as my nearest one couldn't find them on their system .
  6. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    Another little update :D. So, the front bumper is still off the car - I just haven't gotten around to putting it back on yet. The rest of the AC system is now gone and a shorter aux belt is fitted. I also got rid of the AC gubbins from under the dash, which gave me a perfect grommet for running the battery relocation cable through the bulkhead . Just need to fit a decent battery box in the back and get a sensible sized battery (I've decided against the truck battery that's currently under the bonnet as it takes up half the boot :lol:). Last weekend I took out the rear trim so I could run the battery cable neatly and decided I'd throw in some insulation that my new arm rest was packaged in (it's from a Sera and doesn't fit perfectly but will do for now). Should keep the road noise etc. down a bit.... Last week I picked up some nice 98 spec rear seats and a parcel shelf from BMX-RIG (VERY helpful guy) and got them fitted today (I'm just waiting to hear back about the middle hinge as I totally forgot I'd need one at the time . Managed to source some new parcel shelf retaining clips from Japan, so I'm just waiting for them to arrive. So, the interior is pretty much finished, I just need to finish re-trimming the headliner and get it installed. I'm also considering fitting a small sharkfin DAB aerial to the roof - The standard antenna just isn't cutting it anymore and I like listening to Planet Rock while I'm driving :lol:. I also set about removing the rear calipers today. The drivers side has a habit of sticking on, plus I needed to replace the handbrake cable on that side too, so thought I'd take them off and get them blasted (they're incredibly crusty!) at work then have them refurbed. I've got a rebuild kit to do it myself, so that'll keep me busy for a while :D. It's also going to receive new discs and pads all round at some point, the fronts are very low and the rears were down to metal! This is how we finished the day: . More as it happens......
  7. bahnstormer


    Collected some rear seats and a parcel shelf this evening, really helpful guy. Sent pics of the items when asked and waited about for me after I got stuck on the M25 . Would happily buy from him again.
  8. bahnstormer

    Ep91 headlining

    Nice one, thanks dude
  9. bahnstormer

    Ep91 headlining

    I've currently got the headlining out so I can re-trim it and I can't picture how it should be secured at the back of the car (it wasn't secured properly before I took it out). Should it be held in with clips or is there a trim piece that holds it in? It looks like there's a metal lip there that a trim piece slips over maybe? Any pics would be great!
  10. bahnstormer


  11. bahnstormer


    Bought some wind deflectors from Jay, arrived quickly and in great condition!
  12. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    A little more progress made today. Decided I'd take the front bumper off to fix the broken tab in the passenger arch and while I was at it, thought it would be an ideal time to remove the AC condenser etc. Removing the AC gubbins was surprisingly easy, so managed to get it done fairly quickly, although I haven't yet removed the pump as I'm waiting for a shorter belt and a few other bits and bobs from ID-Workz. Bumper off and condenser removed: Realised now was an ideal time to relocate the Hella horns. They used to be crammed in behind the top grille, which I wasn't very happy with, so used a Perrin mount from my old Scooby and moved them down to the lower grille: Then moved inside to fix the bumper. Here's a pic of the damaged tab: I plastic welded the tab back on and I'm pleased to say it's holding strong: Also plastic welded inside the bumper for a little reinforcement: I'll see how it holds up and if needed I'll add some fibreglass to stiffen it all up. Apart from the shorter aux belt, I've also ordered a new handbrake cable for the driver side, rear caliper rebuild kit and a complete set of gaskets/seals for the cam cover as it's gone a little crusty over time. The plan is to remove the rear calipers, cam cover and front strut brace, then have them blasted at work so I can refurb them all and get them looking (and working) nice again. More soon......
  13. bahnstormer


    You have PM :).
  14. bahnstormer

    Jellybabyj v turbo kit being sold soon !

    Brilliant thread, very interesting stuff and it's given me a bit of a kick up the arse to get mine sorted out!
  15. bahnstormer

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    So, a little more progress made this week. This project has been a slow burner, mainly because it's a second car and I don't need to rush to get anything done, but also because it was parked in a pretty awkward place before I moved it to the driveway this week. Anyway, I managed to get hold of a genuine Glanza steering wheel and airbag which was in fantastic condition, for a not too shabby £50. After it arrived I realised I'd cocked up and bought one for a car with no passenger airbag, but managed to swap the necessary bits over from the old wheel and it fits perfectly . (Picture taken from the eBay listing) The car came with the biggest battery I've ever seen. It's from a Mercedes diesel truck and takes up about half of the engine bay. On the other hand, the car starts without any hesitation . Due to it's size, it can't be held down properly, so I've decided to move it to the boot. Luckily I have an unused battery relocation kit which I intended to use in my old Silvia but never got around to doing. The only thing I've had to get is a big enough battery box, which should hopefully turn up this week so all being well, I can crack on with that job at the weekend. I also got hold of a Greddy Emanage blue (I know, not the greatest, but at £40 I wasn't going to argue) and a few other bits and bobs too. Hopefully I can get the car to a decent spec fairly soon...... More to come...….