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  1. I've had a for sale ad pending for nearly a week, any chance someone could take a look at it please?
  2. I don't suppose you happen to have another drivers side A pillar cover do you?
  3. Anyone have any Glanza wind deflector clips for sale or know where to get them?
  4. Also looking for a driver's side rear caliper in good working order :).
  5. As above, I'm after a headlining for a sunroof model please :). Preferably in the Hants/Dorset area unless you're willing to post?
  6. Excellent, thank you! I do still have the old piston so I'll have a go at getting that piece out - hadn't thought of that! 👍
  7. I'm still chipping away at this one 😆. A combination of shitty weather and a back injury means I haven't been able to do anything since last summer. I managed to trace the handbrake issue down to a dodgy piston. That was back in July, and I'm only now getting around to sorting it. On that note, if anyone can tell me how the little cage/bolt inside the piston goes back together I'd be grateful!
  8. Wow, I've not been around for while! So, the Glanza is still here. I took it for an MOT recently, I knew it wouldn't pass but thought it would give me an indication of what needed doing seeing as it's been off the road for nearly three years. To my surprise it only needed a couple of things doing to it: 1. There was a bolt in the lower arm that was loose. The guy didn't want to try and tighten it in case it all went wrong (can't say I blame him tbh). 2. The handbrake on the drivers side doesn't actually do anything. I've checked and the caliper and cable both move freely enou
  9. That's very useful to know, thanks dude!
  10. Bump :). I believe these are the same bumper brackets that were used on non Glanza UK cars too if anyone has one they're breaking? It's the brackets and bolts that attach as in the below pic.
  11. As above, if it's been looked after the costs aren't that horrific. I used to own a gen 4 twinscroll Legacy and I currently own an 02 JDM WRX that's been hit with the modding stick. Both return fairly good MPG (for a 2.0 turbo). Parts prices aren't that bad and most stuff is easily available. In all the time I owned the Legacy, the only thing that went wrong was an O2 sensor. I can't really comment on the WRX yet as I've only owned it for about a month , but it has been VERY well looked after by it's Japanese owner and so far it all seems solid enough for a 17 year old car. Oh, don'
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