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    Loved glanzas since I've laid my eyes on them
    Jdm all day every day!

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  1. used michilen tyre compressor, used in workshop and in good condition. Please contact me for more details
  2. Have some XXR522's with tyres if you're interested?
  3. fitment was mad but the amount of work i had to do on the arches
  4. I have some XXR 522's that are 8j if you're interested?
  5. big wong97

    Clean Glanza

    Hi, I have a 98 spec glanza for sale for £5500 if thats any good , can email the spec over if interested
  6. I have some XXR 522's for sale 15 inch 8J ET0 - for £350 with tyres
  7. engine oil in the car needs changing and havent done it before, was just wondering where abouts is the drain bolt located under the car and how much oil would you recommend ? Thanks in advance!
  8. just ordered coilovers and was wondering do i need to buy anything else to be able to run neg on the rear? cheers for the help in advance
  9. Hi, does this bolt straight onto a ep91 ?
  10. what kind of wheels you looking for mate?
  11. they go for £150 as resell price...
  12. UK size 9 and looking for £150 +4% paypal fee and £10 postage
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