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  1. 3 point brace plastics

    I have the bottom section plastic here 
  2. Ep91 glanza parts

    Inbox me buddy 
  3. Ep91 glanza parts

    Hello guys, Need the parts below closest to East London as possible. Glanza bonnet Glanza front Bumper  Glanza pair of head lamps  Glanza pair of indicators  Glanza Front crash bar Glanza head lamps brackets Front mount intercooler  Thanks,  
  4. Down time.

    Still having problems renewing my membership when is this issue being sorted? 
  5. EP91 Poly Engine Mounts

    Have a rear Polly bush here 
  6. Glanza Rear brake calipers

    Got a passenger side caliper here 
  7. Loom section

    Should have one here mate 
  8. starletezy

    Cheers Colin 
  9. Fuel pipe

    Got one here mate  
  10. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Before you could upload from your computer but that option has gone since the update 
  11. Jam actuator

    Have a hks and tuning developments actuator here if your interested 
  12. Electrical issue!!

    Hello guys, Have a glanza that shorted a wire causing a big electrical issue. Shorted a light bulb wire out now the battery keeps draining and the car wont start. When i go to turn it over it will just make a ticking sound alternator relay blew changed that still no luck any ideas guys would much appreciated any advice. Thanks Tez   
  13. 4EFTE Parts

    Got all of those mate 
  14. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Thanks Nick
  15. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    When i try purchase wont let me error keeps coming up any ideas?? thanks!!