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  1. 15" Work RSA alloys

    I keep looking at these every other day but I can’t part with my rpf1’s lol suprised you still have them!
  2. Walker96

    Cheers mate,was a pleasure selling thanks again!
  3. Rx7 tmic

  4. Have my rx7 tmic still if you still want it.....
  5. Rx7 tmic

    Bump will take £65 posted,cheap upgrade over stock I ran 1 bar for over a year no issue’s on road or track
  6. White eyelids

    Any for sale? Cheers 
  7. Rx7 tmic

    Bump will take £75 posted 
  8. Walker96 V reg glanza

    Little update, finally got my rad hoses fitted, and a brand new cv boots, i’ve Finally put the car back on the road and it feels great, just getting it ready for next months track day at cadwell Park, cheers.    
  9. Rx7 tmic

  10. Driving into Europe

    I didn’t find it too bad, mine was 10 hours of driving to the Nurburgring, I got about 300 miles before it needed filling back up. The ride was okay but I have a bucket seats and stiff suspension, definitely worth doing though, get some very funny looks off people because they don’t know what car it is lol.
  11. Rx7 tmic

    Rx7 tmic, very good condition, will include blue pipe so it’s a straight fit just have to use your stock tmic pipe for inlet,  £90 posted paymeant: paypal location is Sheffield   
  12. Walker96 V reg glanza

    Cheers mate!
  13. Walker96 V reg glanza

    Couldn’t help myself from buying it haha, going to put it on the dyno once it’s on the road next month
  14. Walker96 V reg glanza

    Not a massive update, as I took the car off the road for winter in October, but it’s fainlly coming back out next month, as I’m planning a track day in March, anyways I managed to get an Arc tmic, tried cleaning it best I can still a few bent fins but all well, also sprayed it black, I have some new rad hoses to fit and a rear anti roll bar, that’s it for now cheers. Also give it a wax this weekend!