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  1. Walker96 V reg glanza

    It already feels better can’t wait to see what it’s like on track, and can see that been fun lol
  2. Walker96 V reg glanza

    I may put it in the middle then! Cheers mate it already feels better on the B roads..can’t wait to get it back on track 
  3. Walker96 V reg glanza

    Really? It’s on the softest setting atm so see how it goes 
  4. Walker96 V reg glanza

    So today I finally got my rear anti roll bar fitted, i’ve booked on Cadwell Park for the 6th of June so hopefully will be a lot better. Feels great in the B roads though. Also been accepted into show and shine at jdm Combe, hoping to see a few starletsdown there! Cheers   
  5. Walker96 V reg glanza

    Never got this email lol will do it now!  
  6. Walker96 V reg glanza

    Tiny update, bought some eye lids in February, have finally turned up 2 months later, I love how they look! Just hoping they won’t fly off now lol,  see you all at japfest next week  
  7. George's Glanza

    Looks so good this!
  8. Walker96 V reg glanza

    No real updates atm, I’m just enjoying the car right now, recently been back to Cadwell Park, (will be doing a few track days this year) and the car was faultless, not a single problem! Was good fun playing with faster cars! Anyway here’s a link to the 1st video i’ll Be uploading, i’ll Be putting a lot more on, and some pics, cheers!  
  9. 15" Work RSA alloys

    I keep looking at these every other day but I can’t part with my rpf1’s lol suprised you still have them!
  10. Walker96

    Cheers mate,was a pleasure selling thanks again!
  11. Rx7 tmic

  12. Have my rx7 tmic still if you still want it.....
  13. Rx7 tmic

    Bump will take £65 posted,cheap upgrade over stock I ran 1 bar for over a year no issue’s on road or track
  14. White eyelids

    Any for sale? Cheers 
  15. Rx7 tmic

    Bump will take £75 posted