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  1. or maybe just replace all the rubber hoses??
  2. Biggy's EP-70's

    so a lill update My daily finally done with the engine swap....need to fix a lil bits of this and that 5efe engine dropped in for my project car i recieved sum goodies  will be installing these next week 
  3. highly unlikely probably a bad connection (kink in de kabel ergens?)
  4. Biggy's EP-70's

    SHE'S ALIVE View My Video
  5. Biggy's EP-70's

    the saga continues Done with the roof Will be getting a new headliner finished the floor but didnt take a picture of it and how does it sound you ask? View My Video
  6. that suckssss hope you figure out the problem but how didnt you check that before you plugged in everything tho did you fix the wires properly(heb je de kabelboom wel zelf gedaan of laten doen?)
  7. Gary's 2ZZ-GE converted EP91 track build

    looks good Wonder how you gonna sort out the shaft to fit for the ep9
  8. Biggy's EP-70's

    been a while since i last updated my progress bloggg so i got thru with sound deadening the starlet first applied alubutyl from reckhorn and now in the process of adding the nonwoven material results can be seen here > than i decided to start swapping out the old 2e engine found out my starlet was one of the last models before the p8 came out mine has a lambda sonde at the exhaust and has an emission control unit didnt know this model starlet had this oeff....the engine i decided to clean the engine bay before after busy now with replacing the timing belt plus adding a new clutchplate and such both cars in the garage love the new rear lights thats it for now to be continued
  9. no biggie just call the person and asl for your engine mount im sure they dont need it....
  10. personally i like the undergrill but to each they own Glad 2 see the paint came out good..... keep up the good work!
  11. ive done it in total i think 5 or 6 times a few without the primer and the last few i did with primer those with the primer i sanded inbetween layers so first... after i sprayed the primer....i wetsanded it than applied the first gloss black coat then sanded it again..... light sand than the 2 last coats without sanding make sure u warm up the spray can( i boiled sum water first.....threw it in a big bucket of water and than put the spraycans in a better spray flow apparently) make sure u shake it alot also....... like ..... ALOT! and i never used clearcoat
  12. ChristopherEP70's EP70

    nice update!
  13. how did you make the paseo fuel pump fit the starlet tank??
  14. Biggy's EP-70's

    they say the corolla intake plus obx exhaust should be good for 100bhp a few have done it before my 5e engine has been (gereviseerd) revised so i wonder