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  1. Forza Motorsport 7

    My missus bought it for me (lucky me!), and so far, it's visually stunning! Haven't had much time to play it, but the times I have played it, it's been great! Gamertag: OutlawEP91    - for anyone who wants to add me   Scott.
  2. Group Buy : Livesports Style Carbon EP91/EP82 Wings

    I'll settle for either, if they're meshed, great, if not, no biggie!
  3. Show me your dashes!

    This is pretty much what I had in mind, looks so smart bud! Picking up a second dash at the weekend so may have to start doing something similar, it's the neat finish I had in mind! How easy/hard is the flock to keep clean? Nightmare for dust etc? Cheers
  4. Show me your dashes!

    Looking for ideas for my dash, was looking at blanking the centre console off (as I have no headunit etc) and then flocking but looking for some ideas, cut dashes etc... Thanks in advance
  5. It's all progressing nicely buddy, I've changed the spec a hell of a lot from what it was going to be and had a lot of parts ordered that need to be made and then imported... I will update the thread accordingly when there's more to tell, but for now, it's all being kept quiet, it'll be done when it's done
  6. Haha tell me about it, still, it's all good fun, and more of a case of "why not, let's just do it..." now 😂 Thanks buddy! 😃
  7. Group Buy : Livesports Style Carbon EP91/EP82 Wings

    This is great news! As soon as they've landed in the UK I'll take a drive down and pay the other half cash... Mega stoked for these!
  8. Group Buy : Livesports Style Carbon EP91/EP82 Wings

    Any further news on these yet guys? I'll be down that neck of the woods soon and if they were ready I could have collected and paid the final amount cash. Can't wait to see the finished items! All the best, Scott
  9. Group Buy : Livesports Style Carbon EP91/EP82 Wings

    Can't wait to get these, got a nice little selection of parts ready to fit when the car comes back, these will be the icing on the cake!
  10. Been ordering a few more bits while the car is away, so it'll give me something to do when it comes back! Ordered my carbon Livesports wings from Simon and Rob at Fiske Automotive, plus the girlfriend has informed me of a custom car related Christmas present, which I'm mega excited for! Also had my carbon cage covers turn up the other day too! Of course not everything I purchase will be uploaded though, some things will be kept secret until it's all finished Scott
  11. It's all well and good, I knew it could potentially take a while to complete before I initially took it down and decided on the spec... The best things come to those who wait as they say On the plus side, it gives me time to get a few more things designed/ordered for the car
  12. Group Buy : Livesports Style Carbon EP91/EP82 Wings

    Hi Simon, Could you please send me your PayPal address and I'll send the deposit over in the morning, Thanks!
  13. Group Buy : Livesports Style Carbon EP91/EP82 Wings

    I'd 100% take a fuel flap. Regarding payment, what we doing, PayPal, Card? And when is it due? Cheers