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  1. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Some Mazda injectors, thanks to Phil for these
  2. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    To fit glanza headlights you need a glanza bumper and bonnet as the glanza lights are slightly larger
  3. Ryan.Truesdale

    Not so rare 4efe-t starlet love

    forged conrods dont fit standard pistons
  4. Ryan.Truesdale

    Toyota Starlet EP91 of 1996 with a 4E-FE

    Yes need to change to glanza droplinks just
  5. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Cleanest set of 98 lights I’ve ever seen. Got these as my last lights were actually 98 lenses on 96 backs. Anyone who has done that knows they don’t fit great due to different mounting holes.
  6. Ryan.Truesdale

    Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    looks like a zisco ramhorn
  7. Ryan.Truesdale

    C160 Gearbox

    be better fitting an lsd to the starlet box
  8. Ryan.Truesdale

    C160 Gearbox

    They do have the front mount holes
  9. Ryan.Truesdale

    C160 Gearbox

    C160 Gearbox A 6-Speed Manual Transmission for FWD cars, and includes an optional helical limited slip differential. Transmissions with an identification code ending with 12C are LSD equipped. Code ending with 12A are non-LSD. The 12C gearbox can also be identified by the larger, cast end casing as the 12A are slightly smaller and not cast. A Limited Slip Differential is offered only in the Levin BZ-R and Trueno BZ-R. Gear ratios for this transmission 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Reverse Final 3.166 2.050 1.481 1.166 0.916 0.725 3.250 4.529 195/50/15 Tyres at 7250rpm Limiter C52 (GT Box): C160 (AE111): 1st: 38mph 2nd: 63mph 3rd: 92mph 4th: 124mph 5th: 148mph 1st: 38mph 2nd: 59mph 3rd: 81mph 4th: 103mph 5th: 132mph 6th: 166mph At 70mph C52 is 3600rpm and the C160 is 3100rpm, 2800rpm at 60mph in 6th C160 are however said to be a weaker box. APPLICATIONS · Toyota Corolla AE111 · Toyota Corolla AE101 Wagon (1997 onwards (BZ models only) · Toyota Corolla AE111 Carib · Toyota Corolla AE111 GT · Toyota Carina AT210 GT · Toyota Levin BZR (20 valve Blacktop engine) Fitting to a 4efe Engine C series gearboxes have interchangeable bell housings so swapping the C52 bell housing onto the C160 gearbox makes it bolt straight on, the gearbox mounts are also a straight swap as well as gear cables. The only thing you have to modify is the shifter as reverse is next to first on this box. Just need to notch some plastic from the shifter housing. When changing the speed sensor ti the starlet wire type do not use the c160 bolt instead use the bolt from the starlet gearbox. As the c160 bolt is too long and this will crack the casing when tightening. *All of this information is taken from various websites and forums so of it may be inaccurate*
  10. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    It was on ebay. K&N filter so it was. Ill look for a part number still have the box.
  11. Ryan.Truesdale

    SR 4efe to 4efe-t Conversion Ecu Plug Question..

    If its a 4efte engine you need a glanza loom. If it is a 4efe with a turbo I'm fairly sure the ep82 loom is what people use
  12. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Got my rb25 throttle position sensor mounted fits very nicely.
  13. Ryan.Truesdale

    Gt Advance lots of rare parts coming

    Doobie kit will be unreal Matty! Hope my car is as clean some day.
  14. ‭‭+44 7540 083438‬‬ message me on whatsapp please. Very interested in rear spats
  15. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Thanks lads appreciate it! Forum can be very quiet at times, don't know if people actually read it or not Haha