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  1. Ryan.Truesdale

    Replacing Wax Stat with Bosch ICV

    no worries bud!
  2. Ryan.Truesdale

    M-tech disks

    they are new
  3. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    I didn’t know how to take an engine out 2 years ago... take everything with a pinch of salt hahaha
  4. Ryan.Truesdale

    My Black mk2 Project

    Civic rads are great if you are planning on fitting aftermarket turbo kits. Free up room to work at that area
  5. Ryan.Truesdale

    M-tech disks

    I possibly have a set for sale. How soon you looking them. Pm me
  6. Ryan.Truesdale

    M-tech disks

    Mtec discs on my starlet super braking power. Would recommend to stay away from any drilled discs on a road car as if you’ve heat in the brakes and hit a puddle they will crack. Happened my mtec discs (had sticky calliper, hit a puddle). Mtec did however replace the discs, sent out a new set after I set pictures to them.
  7. Ryan.Truesdale

    Replacing Wax Stat with Bosch ICV

    I work in a cnc shop
  8. Ryan.Truesdale

    Front slam panel vertical bar? Wanted?

    Think I’ve a brand new ep91 one if they’re the same
  9. Ryan.Truesdale

    Deans Glanza V

    nice! looks very clean!
  10. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Update on fuel rail. Currently off being anodised.
  11. Ryan.Truesdale

    Corolla 4efe

    What are you trying to do? Upgrade brakes or..
  12. Ryan.Truesdale

    Machined Crank

    Polished crank with acl bearings to match. Crank has never been fitted since. £150 plus postage pay pal only
  13. Ryan.Truesdale

    Starlet SR manifold change

    i have a mint condition standard 4efe one if you're interested in just aesthetics
  14. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

  15. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Started making a high flow rail