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  1. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    It was on ebay. K&N filter so it was. Ill look for a part number still have the box.
  2. Ryan.Truesdale

    SR 4efe to 4efe-t Conversion Ecu Plug Question..

    If its a 4efte engine you need a glanza loom. If it is a 4efe with a turbo I'm fairly sure the ep82 loom is what people use
  3. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Got my rb25 throttle position sensor mounted fits very nicely.
  4. Ryan.Truesdale

    Gt Advance lots of rare parts coming

    Doobie kit will be unreal Matty! Hope my car is as clean some day.
  5. ‭‭+44 7540 083438‬‬ message me on whatsapp please. Very interested in rear spats
  6. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Thanks lads appreciate it! Forum can be very quiet at times, don't know if people actually read it or not Haha
  7. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Picked up some French power steering and a link atom ecu.
  8. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

  9. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Custom "Race spec" rocker covers I made.
  10. Ryan.Truesdale

    Front mount

    Hsd front mount intercooler all pipes included £100 Location -- Northern Ireland Payment - Pay Pal
  11. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Some progress made on the car. Mainly collecting parts. Picked up an evo radiator. Disc brake back axel (need calipers) td04L and wepr mani fold with a tial wastegate
  12. Ryan.Truesdale

    38mm Dump Valve blank cap wanted

    Roll a really big joint
  13. Ryan.Truesdale

    Mickl modified hill climb build

    Any progress?
  14. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

  15. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Have had a slight change of plans. I went and picked up a 4efte on the 12th of july, this came from Richard Bradley Motorsport. So now the plan is get this engine rebuilt just standard pistons with my gt rods and possibly a bit porting still going td04 at 1 bar boost. not forging as i don't think its worth the money and anyone ive talked to says td04 1 bar boost on a standard engine is the most fun they've had.