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  1. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Some progress made on the car. Mainly collecting parts. Picked up an evo radiator. Disc brake back axel (need calipers) td04L and wepr mani fold with a tial wastegate
  2. Ryan.Truesdale

    38mm Dump Valve blank cap wanted

    Roll a really big joint
  3. Ryan.Truesdale

    Mickl modified hill climb build

    Any progress?
  4. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Parts im looking fairly soon! wepr td04 external wastegate manifold water pump, oil pump distributor and coil pack wiring harness plugs fuel rail adaptor and sard fuel pressure regulator polybush engine mounts
  5. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Have had a slight change of plans. I went and picked up a 4efte on the 12th of july, this came from Richard Bradley Motorsport. So now the plan is get this engine rebuilt just standard pistons with my gt rods and possibly a bit porting still going td04 at 1 bar boost. not forging as i don't think its worth the money and anyone ive talked to says td04 1 bar boost on a standard engine is the most fun they've had.
  6. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    thaks pal getting there slow and steady!
  7. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Fancy dials
  8. Ryan.Truesdale

    Suzuki G16B or 2nz-fe pistons

    Part number for 1nz pistons :13101-21030
  9. Ryan.Truesdale

    Rev Counter in an S

    I connected an aftermarket gauge in. You can take it off the distributor
  10. Ryan.Truesdale

    Wanted, 040 white drivers side door

    One in Northern Ireland
  11. Did you manage to check mate?! :)

    1. Ryan.Truesdale


      forgot went whatsapp me ill check when im home from work 


  12. turbo timer still there?
  13. Ryan.Truesdale

    Race spec rocker cover

    know of a 300hp one on standard breather. i can make you a race spec cover if you want one though
  14. Ryan.Truesdale


    think i have a clean one will check later if i remember
  15. Ryan.Truesdale

    Building the Dream

    Completely stripped the interior, dash wiring baisically everything, have also taken out the sound deadening (hateful job that takes way too long) roll cage? Maybe Also went through the turbo engine wiring loom. Loads of silly connectors cut. Why are people so lazy the just cut them