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  1. Cubertos

    New member!

    Please message me if you still require advice
  2. Cubertos

    Hey people 1999 P9

    Nice what are your plans for it
  3. Cubertos

    Gt6 glanza laptime nurburgring!

    Sick game never even noticed the glanza was in it
  4. Cubertos

    New member :)

    Welcome, nice looking car
  5. Cubertos

    Finally in an EP

    What splitter is that you put on?
  6. Cubertos

    Jack's Ep95, Forged 5e!

    These cars finished?
  7. Cubertos

    Looking into buying a 1997 starlet...

    It will be reliable but if your getting an na the seats are shit it will be uncorfortable for regular commuting.
  8. Cubertos

    EP82 New guy old car

    Also get rid of the quad lights, put up some pics and sell it to me when your finished with it
  9. Cubertos

    EP82 New guy old car

    It's modern classic and will be worth 10k in five years
  10. Cubertos

    EP82 New guy old car

    Sounds interesting rockstar
  11. Cubertos

    £900 paid for remix bumper

    One of you knows someone who has a starlet sat in a shed somewhere with a remix bumper on. Please let them know there is an idiot willing to pay £900 for a bit of moulded plastic. Look forward to hearing from you guys
  12. Cubertos

    £900 paid for remix bumper

    Sell me your remix bumper and buy a new car. (Unable to post this in wanted section)
  13. Can I buy your remix bumper please 

  14. Cubertos

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    No worries, I will keep on looking
  15. Cubertos

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    Appreciate the link but this is one of many slightly suspect sites showing the bumper as available when it's not. Think they are a parts broker that try's to get the part once you have placed the order.