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  1. Cubertos

    £900 paid for remix bumper

    One of you knows someone who has a starlet sat in a shed somewhere with a remix bumper on. Please let them know there is an idiot willing to pay £900 for a bit of moulded plastic. Look forward to hearing from you guys
  2. Cubertos

    £900 paid for remix bumper

    Sell me your remix bumper and buy a new car. (Unable to post this in wanted section)
  3. Can I buy your remix bumper please 

  4. Cubertos

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    No worries, I will keep on looking
  5. Cubertos

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    Appreciate the link but this is one of many slightly suspect sites showing the bumper as available when it's not. Think they are a parts broker that try's to get the part once you have placed the order.
  6. Np, I will bring them to the ukso stand.
  7. Anyone going to jae got a 5 door ep91? If so do you want some brand new front wind deflectors for free!? I bought them sight unseen thinking they were for a 3 door :/
  8. Cubertos

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    Please respond
  9. Is the show open to the public on the Friday? I can only see option to buy Saturday day tickets on the website?
  10. Cubertos

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    When you say direct, do you mean a Toyota dealership? I have been to loads and they have been incredibly unhelpful, sometimes even rude! Is there a more direct approach?
  11. Cubertos

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    Thanks @ChristopherEP70 i messaged the seller but didn't hear anything back. The search continues...
  12. Cubertos

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    Alright I will pay £600 for one of these!!! Someone on here ( that's still active) will know someone that has one! You can then buy a new car with money!
  13. Click me what is wrong with this car? I've seen this exact car with the same pictures and same description sell on eBay about 5 times in the last month or two??...
  14. Cubertos

    Trevstar's SR

    I want to see more. This level of craftsmanship is awesome!
  15. Cubertos

    Tte splitter required

    @Pikey009 thanks mate I think you are right