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  1. Group Buy : Cruise Style Carbon Fibre Fenders

    Also waiting on a update
  2. 4EFTE rocker cover wanted

  3. 4EFTE rocker cover wanted

    Need a 4EFTE rocker cover in decent condition and willing to post to Ireland.

    I'll also take a bmsc
  5. JDM-EP GROUP BUY - Engine Bay Dress-Up Kits

    Mine made up on colour put me in as red
  6. CoolerWorx CNC'd Short Shifter

    If it is like this I'm in
  7. JDM-EP GROUP BUY - Engine Bay Dress-Up Kits

    You can out me down for ep82 set colour to be decided.
  8. Group Buy : Livesports Style Carbon EP91/EP82 Wings

    Put me down for ep82
  9. Invoice paypal

    It's very simple I use it all the time when I'm selling parts and bits. You created the invoice for someone so they know what there getting and the condition. It's noting dodgy as PayPal wouldn't have something like that on there system. With regards to me buy the ecu. I'm paying the PayPal fees and the price we agreed on very simple.
  10. Fake or original parts

    https://www.sard.co.jp/after_eng/products/engine/regulator/regulator_pirated/regulator_pireted.html Plus there is a few videos on YouTube aswell
  11. zep floor brace picture request

    Hey guys I can't seem to find a picture of this anywhere i'v searched so if you could link me a picture of post it in chat it would be much appreciated
  12. Group Buy : Cruise Style Carbon Fibre Fenders

    Ep-91 only or can this be done for Ep-82
  13. Billet distributor blank group buy..

    Had to drop out other parts taken a priority