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  1. Amazing mate, I can only imagine the money you have spent on this project importing all the parts. Well I think it’s worth every penny cause that’s one of the nicest gt’s ive seen, great job man!
  2. td04 glanza

    Best coilovers

    I ran bc’c for a few months and sold on as I found them too stiff, went for the Meister and much preferred the setup
  3. td04 glanza

    N127 AHD

    Aww god found it on Gumtree, what a state it’s in, now lives in Essex. Hmmm should I buy and bring back to life
  4. td04 glanza

    N127 AHD

    Wonder if my old V is still on the forum??
  5. td04 glanza

    EP82 GT Advance, toms kit, roll cage and more...

    Ahh noooo way, send me your number right now dave, I want to have a look and persuade myself that I need to buy this! Can't believe you are selling, I thought you would take her to your grave lol
  6. td04 glanza

    **1997 Rare Glanza S for sale**

    Sorry guys its sold a while ago, tbh sold it far to cheap but needs must and I needed a holiday haha
  7. Where abouts you based mate?
  8. td04 glanza

    Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Ep82 MK2

    Very impressive sale ad mate and lovely example with potential glwts. Allan
  9. Un fricking believable matey, I really appreciate how much work you put in to this wee beauty!!
  10. td04 glanza

    Super clean GT

    If anyone has or knows of a very clean gt (original or modified) for sale can you please throw me a txt on 07854497629. Thanks, Allan
  11. td04 glanza

    **1997 Rare Glanza S for sale**

    Any offers, would rather someone got to enjoy this great car. Its ready to drive away
  12. td04 glanza

    **1997 Rare Glanza S for sale**

  13. td04 glanza

    **1997 Rare Glanza S for sale**

    Thanks guys, as I said its around 90bhp I believe. Grwat driving little car and in absolutely mint condition. Im yet to have a viewing, getting pretty annoyed with how many people enquire then never reply! Will be getting advertised elsewhere soon I think cause no one on here seems serious. Cheers, Allan
  14. td04 glanza

    **1997 Rare Glanza S for sale**

    Pm replied mate, in Helensburgh for anyone else wanting to know
  15. td04 glanza

    **1997 Rare Glanza S for sale**

    Cheers shaun mate thats very helpful im still shocked at how mint the engine is.