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  1. Jamie's EK9

    Wilwood front pads have just arrived
  2. Jamie's EK9

    My M-tec front disks have just arrived just waiting on the pads then I can get the front end back together and have her sitting back on 4 wheels
  3. Jamie's EK9

     Thanks Calum will be good when its finished still a little way to go yet but its getting there now just need some sun shine to crack on with it   Jamie
  4. Jamie's EK9

    Little update just got my Wilwoods brake kit through from freaky parts
  5. Jamie's EK9

    thanks Cullum ha-ha each to there own aye mate Yes they are great engines the B16B's   Cheers dude
  6. Jamie's EK9

    Little update finally got the engine in over the weekend for the first time
  7. Jamie's EK9

    Hoping to get it in the over the weekend weather permitting James    
  8. Jamie's EK9

    Brand new Rbc 70mm inlet manifold turned up got rail mocked up with tucked centre feed for fuel Then got it bolted up to the motor with clockwise motion 70mm throttle body
  9. Jamie's EK9

      Thanks pal     little update   Got most of the gearbox rebuilt last night just a few things to sort out when I get back from work later on and it's ready to bolt to the engine
  10. Jamie's EK9

    Got the engine off the stand and got the flywheel and clutch bolted and torqued down   Just the gearbox to rebuild later on and then its ready to go in the car for the first time     My EK9 108 by Jamie Moore, on Flickr
  11. Jamie's EK9

    Cheers Nick getting there now mate   little update   Got the gearbox stripped down and painted the cases before it goes back together Got the K-tuned oil cooler hoses on and most of the engine back together Also got a Koyo half radiator for the time being Also a new rocker cover is on order    
  12. Jamie's EK9

     Brand new Kaaz metal plate diff and Kaaz diff oil just tuned up Getting close now    
  13. Jamie's EK9

    little update got a few lines made up
  14. New member .

    Welcome to the forum any help you need we are here to help   Jamie
  15. Spoiler tax and duty...

      Genuine all the way, Get it ordered up  Ha-ha I bet you are I would be Glanza and livesports spoiler = Win