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  1. jimmymac101

    Jimmymac101 subaru sold!

    Subaru now gone! Traded it in on a 2013/14 BMW 320d touring semi auto James
  2. They are stupidly priced..... its that JDM tax people apply Nothing wrong with the Rotas though man!
  3. jimmymac101

    Ep82 rolling shell

    @thomas cleeves you?
  4. what this car needs is genuine set of rays TE37v's ;) James
  5. jimmymac101

    Cleeves Gt ep82

    hes sold most the stuff on i believe ! James
  6. jimmymac101

    Ep91 glanza shell wanted

    Here we go again! Welcome back matey
  7. jimmymac101

    Front shock knackered

    £280 later and I have two shocks on order
  8. jimmymac101

    Front shock knackered

    Cheers Nick I was thinking the same to be honest can also put money on it id replace one and the other would go in weeks James
  9. jimmymac101

    Front shock knackered

    I'm after some advice guys my front left shock is knackered on my impreza hatch and my question is do I buy one to replace or is it best practice to buy a pair? There's a video if it's uploaded ok! Cheers James 20180419_191954.mp4
  10. jimmymac101

    Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    surely that cilo wont stand a chance ? James
  11. jimmymac101

    Starlet good first car?

    My first car was a red starlet had 30k miles of pure fun and modifications ( 129k when sold ) ..... worst thing i ever did was trade it in, im still angry at myself 4-5years later! really cant go wrong as a first car! James
  12. jimmymac101

    Hello! New non owner :(

    Personally cant see the point of upping the power if you cant stick it to the ground because your suspension set is standard. Thats my own opinion but if it was me id sort out suspension then start playing with power looking forward to seeing the updates, you should start a build thread! James
  13. jimmymac101

    Hello! New non owner :(

    coilovers all day long ;)
  14. jimmymac101

    Hello! New non owner :(

    Welcome along mate and nice buy! Sticking auto or changing the box? James
  15. jimmymac101

    360° VR - 2018 Slalom Championship - Glanza

    Thats fucking cool! All track footage should be like this from now on haha James