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  1. New member soon to be a Glanza owner

    welcome along buddy! Plently of info on forged builds here if you need it James 
  2. Josh's EP91 1997 Glanza V build thread

    coming along nicely dude, good work James 
  3. Speed Academy

    ohh id forgotten about this! tomorrows light reading at work haha James 
  4. New owner of a EP91 glanza

    welcome along mate! good little car you got of karl James 
  5. Things to refresh while engine is out ?

    if you've got time and the money id replace anything and everything that can be replaced  James 
  6. I'm back (crazy_eyes)

    Welcome back and we've got time for a long story!  James 
  7. turbo gearbox

    @Zoib_786 has a stock pile of parts haha
  8. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Corolla Compressor now that would be cool with a few upgrades! 
  9. Lee's Red Starlet Sportif! - R.I.P

    Sad times, looked so clean from the outside! Going NA again or turbo?  James 
  10. 1.3 na starlet mods help !

    Gains are very small on the 4efe, unless you have deep pockets! its not worth chasing the numbers your money will be better spent on chassis upgrades Coilovers, wheels, arb, laser wheel alignment, roll cage, lighten it up ect  Somewhere there is a 100bhp guide on here to follow if your chasing numbers  James 
  11. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    ive seen this for sale before and is lush and within budget!  https://www.gumtree.com/p/honda/honda-integra-type-r-dc2/1268968388 Hopefully this link is right my works PC wont let me see the pics James 
  12. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Have a chat with @MARC MOSS hes up together with DC2s James 
  13. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Theres a few nice examples about  either that or an EK9 would be great with decent suspension set up for roadtrip and then track fun!  james 
  14. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    DC2 / DC5 or turbo MX5 :)