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  1. Cleeves Gt ep82

    Getting there buddy! Nice find on the spoiler :)  James 
  2. Jamie's EK9

    Good work dude  :) not long and it will be in the car James 
  3. Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

    Good work! You decided if your sending it away to have the niggles sorted?  James 
  4. Down time.

    And there was me thinking my work had blocked me out haha  James 
  5. 0% Finance at ID-Workz!

    Massive step forward to making an even better shop guys! Good bloody work :)  James 
  6. 335D daily

    I would love one of these ! good work dude James 
  7. Jamie's EK9

    Nice work dude! will this be finihsed in 2018? cant wait to see the finished project! James 
  8. Just picked up my new starlet Ep82 GRIMSBY

    Welcome along mate, stick up pictures when you have chance!  James 
  9. Cleeves Gt ep82

    Good work mate! Looking forward to seeing the updates  James 
  10. My Charade GTti for sale

    Damn right it is mate! I gave up my glanza fund for a house and then my Teg fund for baby who's due January haha
  11. My Charade GTti for sale

    you decided on a new car? Last i saw Teg was a firm favourite  James
  12. New member soon to be a Glanza owner

    welcome along buddy! Plently of info on forged builds here if you need it James 
  13. Josh's EP91 1997 Glanza V build thread

    coming along nicely dude, good work James 
  14. Speed Academy

    ohh id forgotten about this! tomorrows light reading at work haha James 
  15. New owner of a EP91 glanza

    welcome along mate! good little car you got of karl James