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  1. My setup is 10 cm wider than original. The way we did it isn't so big deal as front and rear bumper remain the same.
  2. Thanks Mike, this was fun even if we lost in semi final (still finished on podium )
  3. I've been thinking of supercharger for few reasons in the past. I will follow this built with big interest 😉
  4. Thanks RoyalDutchie. we are having fun with those liveries ✍️ Last "ROC" style race (Dual crossing track race)
  5. Last pic with this livery naked of sponsors. we have launched a new livery contest here. Let's see how it goes https://www.facebook.com/pg/LionMotorsportMauritius/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2339582076077802
  6. Last slalom event of 2018. and that was a win
  7. always nice to see other ep91 track race project
  8. Actually, I did talk to my neighbor Gerard, which has never been to OZ. Must be an other one, but have no idea who it is here are some videos of last rally. Day 1: Chamarel Day 2: Plaine champagne (long) Day 3: Curepipe city center
  9. Last event of the year new track (very small and narrow with concret ground)
  10. I almost missed that !!! damned it went quick. good to see it will be until the end of the month. I have just sent you an email for extra info. please check it out
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