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  1. Oil catch can apexi boost gauge samco hoses

  2. Oil catch can apexi boost gauge samco hoses

    Bump parts added
  3. Thread size on thermo housing see pics

    Cheers mate. Fingers crossed the 1 i got now should do the trick. But will keep those in mind. Cheers 
  4. Thread size on thermo housing see pics

    Evening can anyone help me on the thread size on the thermo housing circled below.. not with my car and want to order adaptor for temp sensor. Cheers lewis
  5. Aftermarket temp sensor

    Ideal cheers nick.. will have a look 
  6. Aftermarket temp sensor

    Has anyone put a aftermarket temp sensor anywhere else other than in the top hose? Just brought new hoses and dont really wanna cut them for the inline adaptor. Just wondered if anyone had tapped them in anywhere else before i do cut the hose.   Cheers lewis
  7. Admin

    Cheers mate 
  8. Oil catch can apexi boost gauge samco hoses

  9. Admin

    Will forsale thread go through now? 
  10. Admin

    Cheers nick. Was pending for some stupid reason. Normally just renews. Didnt even know u could check that lol.  Sorted now cheers
  11. Admin

    Any of the admin help out why i cant upload any pics.. i cant access members section, went to renew membership but says im a member..   Cheers 
  12. Injector cleaning / servicing

    Had mine done with company called cp fuel injection.. 3days turn around time. Cleaned flow tested and Replaced all servicable bits.. i paid around £60 i think
  13. Glanza heater matrix

    Sorted thanks to bmx-rig. Top lad 
  14. Glanza heater matrix

    Ok cheers mate
  15. Glanza heater matrix

    The buy me sell me page?  I dont have fb but missea just had a look cant find a dylan wyatt only a daniel wyatt??