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  1. Xpect

    Project Red Ranger

    And I liked it very much. Unfortunately I couldn't find something like that until now for mine =(
  2. Xpect

    Project Red Ranger

    What have you done with your epic rear bumper?
  3. Xpect

    Glanza S

    Double nought is still nought
  4. Xpect

    burts budget build

    NA eyebrows are custom made by a german company. Your not the first to ask, so maybe I should write asking if they still do some. But shipping would be a bit expensive the eyebrows themselves were when I last asked for a price *searching my documents* 29 Euro. Should be about 25 Pound roughly I think? Greetings from Germany. And I've seen way more fucking (hated by me) VWs looking way worse around here.
  5. Xpect

    Lee's Red Starlet Sportif! - R.I.P

    Where have your decals gone in the last pics?
  6. Xpect

    Lee's Red Starlet Sportif! - R.I.P

    You are lucky. My car was (all in Euro, mind) 1400 alone, then the Spoiler 170, For the Rolla intake and the UK "Passenger" Rear light (obv drivers side on mine) 70, 20 the clear indicator lenses, 15 the gearknob, 25 Paseo interior, 15 double DIN midle console, 10 the clear side repeaters and so on. And the brake light in my spoiler doesn't even work and I don't know where to source a new one. And I didn't even count stereo, spare parts like leads or Rims or stuff like that. Until now I think I spent at least 500 Euro for parts for my car and are not NEARLY finished.
  7. Xpect

    which bushes to polybush

    Also the car is too light and has too much weight on the front to really benefit from rear disc brakes.
  8. Xpect

    Gav's EP91

    Still, what is the color code of this? As from the pics I strongly think it's the same as my car, which would be a first to see in the UK =)
  9. Xpect

    Gav's EP91

    I might be wrong, but the color code is 8M2 isn't it?
  10. I controlled idle via the throttle cable screw. Was that wrong?
  11. Xpect

    Oil Cooler for a N/a

    At what temperature should the thermostat open? What temp would be good for turbo and what for na Starlet?
  12. Xpect

    TD vs Walbro Fuel Pump Noise

    Are they still that loud if the rear bench stays in place?
  13. Xpect

    Ignition differencies FTE and FE?

    Thanks. Another piece of info gathered.
  14. Xpect

    Ignition differencies FTE and FE?

    Is the NA ignition capable of running a boosted engine?
  15. As in Topic, what are the differencies between the NA and Turbo engines?