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One for the N.A. owners. Who wants Wash auto wipe windscreen wipers.

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Well I was sick of having just wash and manual wipe. I don't use the car often enough to get used to having to do it. So I've simply modified the stalks to I get wash auto wipe.

First you need some basic tools, a diode and some heat shrink tube to suit or just some insulstion tape.

Soldering iron a possitive screw driver and for the diode I used a 1N4004 which I just had lying about.

Step one remove the steering Column plastics, top and bottom then unscrew the two small positive screws holding the wiper stalk in and unplug it.

No pictures of this as mine was already in bits.

You'll end up with this


Flip it over and take the frosted plastic cap off (easy with fingers, no tools required)



You want to use the diode to join solder points WF and the negative on the surface mounted relay.

Silver stripe on the diode to the WF solder point.


I used some heat shrink tube on the diode to eliminate a short on the board.



Refit the frosted plastic cover, plug it in and test it. If it doesn't work then you've put the diode the wrong way round after putting the heat shrink tube on. Just de solder and turn it round and resolder.

If it works you should now squirt the window and the wiper will automatically do one wipe and clear it. :)


I'm hoping to modified this in the future so it does two auto wipes to be sure it's clears the screen fully.

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Thats ace. Will probably do this to mine as that really bugs me!

Next one, someone do a diy for auto wipe when you switch into reverse 🖒

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Very good write up! I would like to take it further and do the same for the rear wiper but I can't be bothered to go prodding around anymore after the amount of wiring I have been doing lately

Just get yourself a 12v delay relay and wire that up in conjunction with the diode to make it wipe more than once

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