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  1. Being British and not american or european I can handle both, so just go for whatever guage looks the nicest!
  2. Well chosen colour, it really suits the ep91
  3. Robbo


    how many shows have you been to and how many of those were to show YOUR car and how many to park up and look at other people's? Went to all these (to look at other cars) and was on a stand (to show off) last year: JAE, Japfest, Jap show, Modified Madness, Starlet Thrash. And Bolney this year. Also went to a few races, but you don't get to show off cars there just watch the pro's so that doesn't count what was the best show you've been to and why? Japfest, because track action holds interest a lot more then drag racing (i.e. santa pod) and things like show and shine (JAE) in my opinion. wh
  4. entirely true unfortunately. If I had shed loads of phone calls about my car I'd be picky, but only had a few, so will even sell to a chav now despite my hatred towards them!
  5. I liked No1 the most so picked it, but I think it does look a bit incomplete as its missing cars at the top and bottom. No2 - nice but big white bar kinda takes away some of the effect (would look good on white background though, and blurred number plate on far right car looks unprofessional No3 looks naff due to massive url across the pictures No4 Actually looks quite good too. Just might limit the appeal to some people.
  6. Yes you're right, when I turned 20 it got me down a bit for not being a teen anymore at least insurance has gone down and more importantly more options have opened, so i can get insured on almost anything now (at a cost)
  7. I would like to see a green ish GT, dark like that evo, but not so dark its like the standard dark green starlet colour.
  8. I really like the one on tgtt.com from belgium I think the guy is, and the kit is completely custom, has celica gtfour running gear in, and keeps up with a glanza no problem!
  9. Robbo

    chav pm.

    Whatever you do, just put him off it, dont hide it, otherwise he'd be more likely to look it up if he grew a third braincell rather then ask a local with one. Otherwise you'll be responsible for bringing chavs to starlet ownership. that 300zx is fooking nice though, must admit
  10. That's lovely, with all the different engines dropped in the old skool starlets I think anything is possible with them.
  11. That looks poo. you can see the bore is much smaller then the actual tailpipe too, which makes it suck even more. A Jap can is less lairy so would be the easier choice, but each to their own.
  12. When that happened to me (within a week of getting my first car) I just started using the garage
  13. My old saxo went through 7 gearboxes. and that was a 1.4 with little mods. Taken the starlet up to 170bhp and had no complaints from it so far. So I wouldn't go for a saxo because of the reliability reasons. and 106=saxo its only the looks that differ, I'd pick the 106 myself, but they cost more for essentially the same thing, so its personal taste really.
  14. I hate that too, I've set several trends and people just copy. Let me be different damn it!
  15. that car is shocking, but not as shocking as gaz's pic
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