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  1. get the 4e flywheel re drilled. i done this with an orc 309
  2. had 305x 28 mm discs, colossal 4 pots, 16" wheels and 300 bhp, they were spot on. still had the lip on the other side
  3. set fire to the bush and it drops out (blow torch, or metal container containing oil, diesel, petrol, thinners, anything that burns for ages, always works for me), then there should be a 2mm (if that) thick ring left in the hole, hacksaw through it, chap it out with hammer and chisel, insert new polybush, job jobbed. i used powerflex bushes in mine. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Powerflex-Poly-Toyota-Starlet-Glanza-Turbo-EP82-EP91-Rear-Beam-Mount-Bush-/380663925776?hash=item58a1568c10
  4. i put spacers in and then cut the lip off and welded it up again. loads of clearance then.
  5. or is it something else? i get really bad torque steer and it darts about under any acceleration. my steering wheel sits abit to the right (say the yellow center marker is at 1 o clock) but as soon as i go to put power down i take it back to 12 o clock, but if i lift off or change gear i need to bring the wheel back to 1 o clock to stay straight. diff is suppost to be a trd 1.5way but not had it open to see. never handled like this before i did the manual rack conversion but the rack seems tight. I have front wishbone bushed to change, but not 100% on if its only these ne
  6. looks not bad. see its been changed to range rover classic axles. make sure the bulkhead and chassis aint rotten and check chassis numbers tally with v5. sound awsome, but 9/10 there only v5's / 7 3/4's lol. getting old engines now and suffer from worn camshafts. a good v8 has a crisp note and will go like stink, worn out 1's are noticeably flat and lazy.
  7. still alot of faffing for the bottom mount. just cut the tab and re-weld. easy to move again if ever needing to go back to standard or proper coilovers.
  8. cheers. no, its stripped again and has been for the past 3/4 years, lol. hope to get it resprayed again next year ready for the rebuild (again) lol. yeah standard 1275 with inch and a half carb and full maniflow system, hi-lo's etc. tho might go clubby front and 4efte yet
  9. handy with a welder, pair of snips and soldering iron. lol as bought following night Half way through the rebuild (not a good pic) but 11 weeks later, alot of welding and alot of hours spent on it
  10. nice. was thinking on doing this conversion myself
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