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  1. Im after door handles and door cards
  2. I have a set here mate where are you based
  3. Im after both exterior door handles. Also to door cards the ones with manual winders bothe from an ep91
  4. I thought they looked familiar the pictures werent showing up when i commented about lowering it for some reason haha. It looks much better mate
  5. Which one is the knackered one mate drivers or passenger ?
  6. Love the wheels. What wheels are they mate. Will look even better when its lowered
  7. Whatvare those rainsport 3's like mate as thats what im thinking of getting for mine
  8. Looks very clean and by far the best colour but im biased haha
  9. I have these on my ep91 smart wheels glwts
  10. I saw this for sale the other day on facebook haha. What plans do you have for it ?
  11. Nice one mate i did see your car you parked up when i was talking to a group of friends if id have known id have come over
  12. Where you in a black glanza or glanza rep ?
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