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  1. Can I just add that chasing big bhp figures is just an ego extension...my starlet was running 340ish bhp at one point and although its very fun to give it a burst every now and then, you can't help but wonder when it will go bang. (It is a monstrous feat for any 1.3 engine to reliably put out nearly 3x the factory intended power levels). My new build I'm aiming for a very reliable 220 - 250 with a hybrid turbo adapted from a 595 abarth with hardly any lag. I think this was the sweet spot when building my last engine and in hindsight should have left it around that figure. It was just as fun an
  2. It has a whole new distributor on there so shouldn't cause any problems there. I'm taking it back down to my tuner in a few weeks. I'll get him to look into it further while it's down there with him
  3. Forged engine, ct9 hybrid, standard injectors, ecu master stand alone ecu and a few bolt on supporting mods...fmic etc
  4. The title kind of says it all...when starting from cold, the engine turns over and starts up 9 times out of 10. When it's upto temperature and I turn the key it will just turn over and over and over. I have to wait for it to cool down again and start it up then. It's a bit of an inconvenience that I could do without if I'm honest. What could it be? What do I need to change? TIA
  5. I've got a very similar set up to this and I've been advise today that it would be wise to upgrade my injectors as they will be pushing their limits on around 1bar. For the extra couple of hundred quid, I'd just do it rather than risk anything.
  6. It's not the cap and arm. It's the full thing with crankshaft sensors and everything. Main dealer part only apparently.
  7. I've just been informed that my distributor is faulty and I need a new one. Getting one from a main dealer isn't an option as I'm waiting until November for it. Can anybody help a brother out? It will need posting/delivering to RRR engineering too but I'll pay for everything. Thanks
  8. He seems like a really switched on tuner. Not met him but had a few chats through FB and over the phone. He went through all the features with me in great detail and was a real help in making the decision...and gave me a great price. The car goes down tomorrow and i pick it up on sunday. Absolutely over the moon.
  9. Im going for it. Might aswel. I've done everything else to the highest standard so why scrimp now?
  10. I'm going for an ECUMASTER EMU and I've been told they can be quite easily installed at a later date. I'll be running around 200-220 so not massive amounts of power. Not worth doing then no?
  11. On average a 12 month mot adds £250 to the value of a car. For £30 outlay for a £250 return, id do it every day. Idiot.
  12. Update for you all. I've gone for a standalone ECUmaster EMU and its going to be fit this week. I've booked in with RRR engineering and I've got to say, Cal really does know his shit. What a nice helpful guy. If any of you are looking for a tuner then i highly recommend him...so much so that I'm travelling 200 miles and probably passing about another dozen or so tuners on the way.
  13. Morning boys and girls...my car is going for a new ecu to be fit, set up etc this week and ive been told about the coil on plug conversion. Is there anything to be gained by this? Is it worth me spending the extra couple of hundred £££ to do this at the same time as the set up? Or is it a waste of money. Ive already got iridium plugs and magnecore high performance leads on the little ripper.
  14. Love these wheels nearly as much as my big end rodders.
  15. Tbf I'm liking the sound of the det3 more than the others. Just going to be a ball ache to get the car to rrr engineering for a set up.
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