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  1. Hello Looking for a starlet daily ideally ep90 shape prob gonna be UK for budget Got around 500-700 Seen loads recently but missed. So who's unloading and wants xmas money? Details in the post will check back daily and see Only needs to be road worthy if you think it will struggle next mot just say what handy with tools Cheers
  2. this is a stunning car should be dead proud of the work you did. would love this just wrong time good luck with the sale i will keep a eye on it
  3. love the speakers socks! did you see the ones in charlotte's car? very simlier to them
  4. yeah i did the clocks and heater controls and such. i made sure they all matched i have a little ocd like that glad you like the little bits
  5. so glad its all good! really impressed with the light up speakers took alot of messing to get them sorted. they got massive SMD light strips used by model train guys in haha. not sure if you noticed one speaker crackles a little on high bass when your ready to tackle it message me and i will send you the link of the speaker i used to fix one of them i am still shocked how you made a image in my head actually become real without me even telling you what i wanted to do with her. so pleased with all the work you done with it
  6. you have honestly done a brilliant job with her! this fits the vision i had in my head completely i am blown away what you have done with it. see the tints and marvel sticker are gone. thought they might survive haha x
  7. Take it for a wash? Get a couple of buckers and mitts and do it yourself theres no bigger pride than looking after it yourself Plus your need the practice your be washing white all the time will save you money doing it yourself
  8. looks great lad my only thing would be is give it a wash and wax before more photos
  9. I know some after one like this sending him the details now. You might receive a message soon ;)
  10. Ahhh Katy <3 Miss that car One thing I should of said is you might need to sort the horn out no idea why it kept going off randomly but it did. You prob havent had a battery on yet so wouldn't know but I couldn't figure it out. Haha. Them JDM gauges and the armrest were the best finds for that. Can't wait to see it when shes done. Colour looks amazing I toyed going red also Can't wait to get back on my feet and get another already
  11. Swear I saw 15-40 could of been a typo Yeah eds maps can make it feel quicker but there fueling is crap Afrs are shocking on them normally. But your price is so fair for what it is.
  12. Nice clean motor and great price but must point out anyone who wants to buy this I would seriously consider another map. EDS maps are crap and a quick google will show you. Oh and the oil should of been 10-40 or 5-40 This is no way attacking the owner just pointers for any potional buyer the spec and parts are defo worth the price
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