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  1. Spec as follows Body Carbon fibre front lip,skirts, spoiler and number plate surround. Rear lip painted black should really get it dipped to match the rest of the kit Rota wheels Suspension/chassis Bc coilovers Anti lift kit Rear anti roll bar Adjustable panhard rod Front lower brace C pillar brace Cusco front upper strut brace Standard brakes braided lines. Will prob go for a typemr kit at some point Interior Trd clock surround Trd gearknob Optional multi box Suzuki ignis sport recaros fitted to modified brid
  2. Few pics and details of my glanza V which i bought at the start of 2022. Car gets driven during summer months. Its no show car, nothing fancy just a honest reliable v with minor upgrades
  3. There's a mark on the pulley for the belt and a mark/arrow on the oil pump/side of engine
  4. I was having trouble setting ignition timing exactly as described, distributor turned go the max, turned out engine timing had jumped a tooth, set the engine timing and it was bang on *to
  5. Its most likely the crank seal again, or it could be the sump
  6. I got mine from tuning developements, think was around £110? Postage was super quick, arrived the next day
  7. I'm currently replacing head gasket on my GT, running 1 bar on vf10 (very similar to td04). I went for an Athena 1.2mm
  8. Its hard to see the corrosion on the actual light unit as its where the two prices of metal are riveted together
  9. Mine was the same, door switches were faulty and connection was corrode on the bulb holder/switch for the doors
  10. I'm going to run around 1.0 bar, see how it goes, from what I gathered they are slightly smaller than a td04, slightly less power with slightly quicker spool. Hopefully get fueling set up this weekend, then get a run on the dyno see how it performs, should defo see more bhp than the ct9
  11. Just fitted a vf10 turbo to my forged ep82, anybody ever used this turbo before? Very similar to td04, just curious to see what boost pressure and power figures anybody has got with this turbo.
  12. Need a td04 manifold to suit internal wastegate/actuator setup and downpipe. Preferebly looking one with little to no welding repairs
  13. I'll dig out the box for the part number if you still need it
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