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  1. hey guys dose anyone know how to remove the hot side on the ct9 ?
  2. as the guys are saying it could be the BOV as well. the reason why only petrol is it evaporates and will not damage the core in anyway shape or form lol
  3. well the only way that i would really know is to take the core off and put some petrol in the core and bug it up if anything comes then there is a leak, dont for get to bung up the ends so you can check the hole core, do not use nothing other than petrol tho hope this helps bud
  4. tell him to check the core if he thinks he has a leak and checked all the pipe work
  5. Welcome dude enjoy your stay, shame about the Vdub but gald ya going for a starlet there lots of fun hehehehehehe
  6. i was looking at at selling mine but just could not bring myself to it, i know i will have to 1 day but not yet hahahahaha whats the spec of yours ?
  7. Rob


    hahahahahahaha love it
  8. thats it get ya mate to do it lol, i do 99% of the work myself lol dont want to be paying labour. i am from hampshire mate near portsmouth how long you had your Galanza for ?
  9. De-cat easy fitting the front mount easy bumper not so easy hahahahahaha, as for the FCD i need to do one for me. you going to get shot of the AC ? will have to get some updated pics of mine on here
  10. Well i have a GT and the toms front end but that was easy to get off had take out the head lights the grill. I dont have AC i have had that taken out. do you know how thick the core is ? i know i have the space there for the AC.
  11. Hey bud me again I have an HDI FMIC with a toms bumper, i had to cut a fair bit away. fitting the kit tho i found really easy i had it done within 3 hours but doing the bumper well that was a bit longer hahahahaha. what FMIC are you looking at ?
  12. hey dude, the act is adjust. on the act the reason why the act only has 1 inlet/outlet on is you can run the pipr right on to the turbo, you can adjust the act to what boost setting you want, i have done this on mine and works fine, regarding the turbo i think you may have a CT9 B. what PSI are you pushing on full boost ?
  13. welcome enjoy your stay
  14. Welcome bud enjoy your stay
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