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  1. Bonnet, front bumper, headlights, rear spoiler and plate recess, side skirts. All for my little solida I just bought lol. I ain't done fb for over 10 years, haven't the time of day for it, so i'm stuck with owner sites or ebay.
  2. Haven't been on here in a few years. Where did everyone go? Seems very quiet... I can't seem to post a thread on the wanted section anymore. I'm after a few glanza body parts if anyone's breaking or has spares?
  3. Hey guys, Been a while since I've been on here. Kids don't half make you tired in your free time! I've got a bit of a dilemma. I'm in debate whether to buy a standard radiator or spend a little more on the aluminium half size one. Reason 1: I need to get the starlet up and running, it's not ran for over a year hense a cheap standard is good for now. Reason 2: I do want to turbo the N/A and a half size aluminium is ideal for space. Shall I just go full fat milk or wait a while until I've gone turbo? Which won't be any time soon. I'm just worried about the engine seizi
  4. Hi guys. I was just wondering how long an engine would be fine sat around not being used for? Mine hasn't ran for about 3 months since taking it apart and leaving me with concern as I still need new fuel injectors and a radiator + putting everything back together which I haven't had much time/money for. I drained everything out (engine oil, gearbox oil for clutch change, PAS fluid and coolant) as once the engine is complete I'm going to put fresh in it. Just concerned about it seizing up or am I okay for a bit?
  5. Fantastic guides thank you very much it will make the job so much quicker and easier now :) while the box is off though I'm going to paint it. I might as well being as the blocks freshly painted.
  6. Is a clutch change on a 4efe strait forward? Its my first time doing this. Ive bought an exedy kit which should be okay for a td04 conversion but What amount of box oil do I need to refill it with is it 2.5ltr or 3? How do you bleed the new clutch as Well? Cheers guys.
  7. Already sorted doors and mirrors with someone else thanks hutchy How much for the Speedo clock? Is it plug and play from the sportif?
  8. Has anyone got glanza doors with mirrors (colour don't matter), headlights, rear lights and a rear axle? I'm also needing a glanza or SR working Speedo clock as I'm dumping the sportif one.
  9. Good solid little car I bought mine as a project last year for £260 as it needs a new clutch and tlc. easy to disassemble parts for mods if you go down that road. Like the guys say check for servicing and cam belt change. I wouldn't pay 550 for it though I'd offer 350-400 because of the springs. There's plenty of them around anyway mileage isn't an issue long as it's been looked after.
  10. Hi all, I need help trying to fish out a snapped end of a key in the ignition barrel. The end of the key snapped about 10mm and is prized inside. I've taken the steering wheel off and all the plastic surround thinking I could detach the barrel but it seems to join around the steering column as one whole piece with no access in to the barrel :/ Do I need to buy a special tool set or have I gotta take the whole column off and see if a lock Smith can release the key? Cheers.
  11. Nice one I appreciate that pal.
  12. Do you have any pictures of it mate? Sorry about previous message couldn't get rid of quotes.
  13. I'm based in bromsgrove west Midlands how much do you want for it? I've got the tailgate with spoiler, bumpers and side skirts my standard bonnet don't sit flush with the front bumper and there's a gap between each headlight
  14. Hi all, wondering if anyone has a spare glanza bonnet going for sale in any condition (long as it's not bent) pair of decent headlights and possibly both doors with electric window function.
  15. I bought this the sunday before release, played it for a few days and got bored of it... forza's lost its fun factor since number 4 imo.
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