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    The only thing with integras are they was built for track so all there power is high end, they are lovely cars but to enjoy them you need to drive them flat out
  2. Old school cheese is a must
  3. John seems to be have a little look at something there lol
  4. ;) it's gunna be a messy weekend haha
  5. Sounds like me and woody have some new meat hahaha you'll all love it and you'll all no me and woody after the weekend we tend to leave a lasting impression
  6. Right me woody and a couple of others are heading up on the Thursday is anyone else for Essex going and want to convoy? Xx
  7. 1) rob_bower x2- YES-PAID 2) Steve GT + T-Shirt-PAID 3) redz11 + Shirt YES PAID 4) Bluebear - YES 5) BigMan - YES 6) SiCaln x1 - YES - Hoodie -PAID 7) Craig_N - YES Paid Ro55ifumi x2 - PAID 9) Liam_D Yes 1 shirt. 10) Luke H, x2, Yes 11) lukep x1 no 12) Pandamonium x2 YES x2 13) lew777. x 1 PAID 14) ryan lang x1 YES-PAID 15) jade_star x1 YES 16) nastyrash2002 x1 - no 17) markoos 18)Josheyboy006 x2 NO 19)ollie ryan x1 yes 20) Cazzac2222 x2 No T-Shirt 21) shorty x1 t shirt yes-PAID 22) Jamie1st x 2 - NO 23) drew 007 +1 24) Dean @RW-Developments + 1 25) GBR Motorsport x2 YES 26) Jimbo-ep91 x2 ts
  8. How far is this place from Essex? I've not been to a meet in a long time and I'm in the mood for one!
  9. You'd like that to much you naughty boy haha
  10. TomTom and woody are a yes but not sure what to wear yet? Haha
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