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  1. genuine toyota, the rest look like shit there doesnt even seam to be a fire ring on them JE scrap yokes
  2. Im so confused, golf/polo mk1 mk2 6n 6n2? Was going to go at this thiniking it was simple but the having problems with the rear and stuff is offputting. Any ideas what I should do, cant afford BC's or Meisters.
  3. Driving the car everyday and ran perfect all the time. Drove the car hard and missed second and hit the rev limiter and car made a big backfire. Keep in mind my rev limiter is at 7,000 not the JAM's 8,500 After this the car ran very bad. The car runs perfect after 5000 rpm and pulls hard from 5000 to the rev limiter like it normally does. But up until 5000 rpm even off boost there is no power. The car isn't misfiring but holding back a lot. If I leave the throttle off slowly the car gets very jumpy as I nearly leave it fully off as if it wants to accelerate. Any idea's
  4. Running 1.2 bar boost on a hybrid in around 200-220 bhp. Standard 4E-FTE engine. Will be on the drag strip a lot with no oil cooler. Drive on the road a lot too.
  5. Run a live wire directy to fuel pump.
  6. Think my problems sorted!?
  7. Mine ain't throwing the code no more after fitting a new knock sensor but it still runs bad if ya get me, seams like spark, fueling, boost problem.
  8. Today I reset the ECU one more time. I changed the lambda for a Glanza lambda sensor from the civic one (unsure of condition though) Took out and cleaned the CTS sensor. Tightened all my intercooler piping properly and checked for any leaks. Fitted a .7 bar wastegate spring. Adjusted the ignition timing slightly to stop DET Now going to run this ECU in and see how it goes, if it goes bad then I'll clean the threads for the knock sensor and then fit and re torque it. If it doesn't then I'll burn the car down
  9. Lambda wiring is perfect! Even got a new Lambda. Nope it's a 4E-FTE.
  10. Fitted the new engine in the car during the week and everything is working as it should, this engine has higher compression then the previous one and in better condition. I'm getting full boost around 700 RPM sooner then the old engine and the wastegate spring now lets the car boost .75 where as before it would only boost .6 bar The only problem I had was the knock sensor and it was causing the car to pull itself back at 2,500 rpm and was throwing the engine managment light, fitted a new one and tried to clean as much dirt out of the threads on the engine and engine management light went off
  11. Think i might have this somewhere but it's part of a piping kit.
  12. jackkelly

    P&P ECU

    Friend of mine has one if interested in Ireland I can vouch for it.
  13. In my opinion 0-160kph hybrid is better 140-200+ kph TD04 is better, personal preference is all! Also if you're planning on going forged 4e or forged 5e a td04 will be better in the long run! But standard engine i prefer hybrid.
  14. This is just a 1/4 mile track so there was no times there.
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