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  1. I am on the look out for a gi ecu and looms if there is any for breaking or anyone might have bits lying in there sheds. Cash here waiting 👍
  2. Any links for ones for sale?old or new?can only find reviews on them
  3. I currently have a 2e lump in the starlet and itbs in the shed.building a 5e slowly but surely.want to no what is the best ecu to run itbs as I'm lost when it comes to electronics. Willing to put the itbs in the 2e for now for a bit of fun Any help appreciated
  4. simply unreal.savage car and savage work done fair play chap
  5. rather a toyota haha and a different one at thet
  6. very good so overall dares not to much wireing?not to bad so haha..yet again to find someone over here to make custom drives balance them and al that.woulnt be to worrued about anything else really
  7. if it will fit i will go with it lad.surely be able toake some sort of sump gaurd..any wireing would be the next worry.to find some one here with the know how to do it right
  8. heres where my trouble lies i cant pit in something that i will have to cut the chass yano.20valve would be what i would like over anything really.money and time arnt a huge issue really ive no problem doing it over the next year or two. to tell the truth its a throw between 20valve or sir but id like to keep it toyota..
  9. im sticking to n/a anyway.or thats the plan for now anyway haha..
  10. sorry lad im in ireland an unless your selling it dirt cheep no thanks haha..why wouldnt the 5e be for everyday use?
  11. like i said doh lad id rather an n/a with some grunt yano
  12. and a 5e would be a resonably handy fit compared to others.
  13. only on me phone here cant see that video.morgey il try pm you there
  14. sweet il have a look threw it now sound.haha k20 ina starlet would be a sight.should of saying this at the start its a ep80 before people get confused thinkin its a kp..
  15. would love a blacktop in it.how much effort to fit it to your starlet morgey?need as much info as possable haha
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