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nice, i got my SR clocks with loom ends for all the plugs so its just a matter of swapping my pins over so they are the same :thumbsup: mine are black face just, and the speedo unit and miles is easy swapped too

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Not much changed on the car, but been prepping the Glanza parts I've got so I can paint them.

Rear Hatch

Hatch Spoiler

Rear Number Plate Surround

Front Bonnet

Side Skirts

Drivers Front Wing

Bonnet Scoop

Side View Mirrors

Bonnet Scoop and Mirrors to go Black along with door window frames. Rest in 8L5

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Just realised that the front bonnet I bought and was prepping for paint is actually for a EP82

Quite annoyed that I didn't realise before I put my hand to it.

How much are they worth as now I need to sell it.

Ohh its in grey primer

Bonnet scoop also with it

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It would be a perfect doner car as i wanted the bonnet, duck tail spoiler and front lip from it for my s, if your planning on buying it i would just be asking questions as to why it hasn't got its own license plate i couldn't get a proper answer from him when I was inquiring about it haha

As to why its different it has a lot of different parts to the usual uk spec starlet like

Full glanza kit

Better interior

S boonet (no scoop)

Better inlet manifold

Different injectors, exhaust manifold, Ecu

Electric folding mirrors

Probably more things i have missed but Its basically a glanza v without the 4efte engine

And the rust/corossion he says is on the front is not actually rust because its on the plastic lip on the bumper lol

I wanted to buy the car and save it

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I did get the car to strip the bits I want like

Front bonnet

Front Bumper with Fogs & Lip


Inlet Manifold

Exhaust Manifold if its any different to mine



Rear Bumper with Lip

Rear Drums look new


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Not sure mate and the seller said no log book so just a rolling paperweight i'm afraid. Interior is nice and clean and I believe its a limited run on the S interiors. Will be having a good look over it on the weekend when I get a chance. Having a good few parts from this.

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You should also have dark green injectors, heard the fpr runs higher pressure too but cant be 100%.

Both manifolds different.

Ecu is different part number too.

Late JDM N/a had DIS ignition setup. And crank sensor.

Does yours have a knock sensor and a 4wire o2 sensor?

I used to have a 99 JDM Carat Starlet which had all sorts of mad different shit to a UK N/a.

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