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Further delays in fabrication due to Storms/Floods in Sri Lanka

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on top of existing delays, Since the 15th of May Sri Lanka has been battered non-stop by some of the worst rains and flooding this country has seen in a while. Thankfully our workshop is safe, however many of our employees have not been so lucky. most have had their homes affected or completely destroyed by flood waters 9-12ft high. We have not been able to operate since the 16th. the meteorological department has informed us that due the continuing non-stop prevailing rains, the flooding are actually going to get worse.

I know some of you are waiting on parts (and some replacement parts etc)...but in light of this situation, we are really helpless until weather lets up. please hang in there for a little longer.

I am also working with some non-profit organizations to help with relief efforts. so if anyone feels led to donate, please PM me. your donations are going towards the purchase of dry rations which are to be distributed to the 100's of 1000's of displaced families.

once again thank you for understanding.



ps: we will have some updates/links posted on our Facebook page later today if anyone is interested in seeing what going on in this part of the world.

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Just seen this post. Really sorry to hear this Sacha!

Hope everyone is ok

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thank you mate. everyone is ok. just have not been able to fully resume work yet as such.

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