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Brighton starlet meet 5th June 2016

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I know this is talked about in a few other topics on here but thought would do a meet set up on its own.

Hope this time round we get a few more cars then the last one, although doesn't matter what car you bring, it's all about meeting up getting to know some other local starlet enthusiasts and of course people from this forum.

Date is: Sunday 5th June.

Time is: 1/1:30pm.

Location: Madeira drive Brighton East Sussex

If you drive along Madeira drive right to the end (map below) there is a car park, which is where we will meet up, if for some reason the car park is full, then we shall meet up just outside the car park, it's a no through road, so no cars can go on further, remember this is for everyone no matter what car you have or if your starlet is off the road then do bring your daily.

Hope to see a good few there this time as seems to be lots of starlets around this area, but all welcome no matter what area your in.



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Hello Jay mate the people I got local with starlets I have them in a group message at the moment, or was you thinking about posting it in all the starlet pages on there? Thing is mate seems to be a lot of doughnuts on them pages aswell

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With on here mate and on the group on face book Jay looking at about 10 so far, but also gonna pm people on here aswell from the area trying to get a good few mate

Just Pmed another 12 people on here mate aswell

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Not sure if any essex lads r coming joe.

Great work pat..

Thanks jay mate I am trying haha doesn't seem to be many starlets down this way

If it was the weekend after I would of come

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Not to worry mate

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