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Beans Dc2 - Turbo Time

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Not much of an update. trying to make myself get back onto this. Gave up finding someone to respray it. decided to just bash on with the turbo kit.
One local guy came round to give me a price for respraying and it was 3-3.5k thats with no metal work as thats all done. Need to find someone more rreasonable.

I got the oil return fitting welded into a spare B18 sump ive had for ages, i tried to tig weld it first but the torch is just that big on my welder and not a flexi one i just couldnt see what i was doing so i just mig welded it. I welded baffles into it years ago for my B18 eg civic i built and never ended up using it.


Also gave it a quick sand down and primed, sprayed and clear coated it just to protect it more than anything.
I had an old can of Toyota metalic black from my old 4wd starlet turbo so thought as its just a sump i would use it up as ive got that many aerosol cans in the garage ive had for years.

49745789752_8c10ea6dc0_h.jpgSump by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49745790172_7dcab845a5_h.jpgSump by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49745464071_726814a1b8_h.jpgSump by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Ive been trying to work out what im going to do wastegate wise for the turbo kit as the manifold is setup for twin gates which i just wont need, plus its more expense and alot more weight hanging off the manifold especially when you add on the screaner pipes. I wanted to just run the internal standard gate but im struggeling to find the male v band flange which would fit into the groove they have on them so they wont leak.
Anyway yesterday i decided to just order another waste gate for the easiest solution. So i fitted one i already had and it hits the bonnet catch and also the rad and fan are in the way. So it turns out its not the easier solution at all! FFS!

So ive now ordered some stainless 1.5" bends and a straight and im going to but the twin wastegate flanges off and have a go at running both of them into one wastegate in a better position out the way. Then ive just one screamer to make and i will probably add a brace somewhere just incase. I thought it was going to be pretty straight forward fitting this turbo kit. Also sourced a good condition evo 9 turbo which should be better than the evo 6 turbo i have currently. Just waiting on the guy finding a courier that will collect it.

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Posted (edited)

ive been ordering a few bits n bobs for the teg that i needed for the turbo oil return and the water lines also the stainless bends to modify the wastegate setup.

This is the start of the merge collector for the pipework going to the wastegate.

49786378837_d4ef7d463f_h.jpgWaste gate by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49785520668_db0b2b3349_h.jpgWaste gate by Bean Beano, on Flickr

This took me ages as i only have a dirty old chop saw and i had to get the angles bang on for a tight fitment.

I then cut the old flanges off for a twin gate setup. This also took f00kin ages as i couldnt really get close enough with a grinder or the chop saw so i cut what i could with the grinder which wasnt much then switched over to a 3" air saw with a small blade which was super slow going and when that couldnt get in i had to use a tool like a dremel but with a bit more power with a tiny dremel disc in.
49796617243_6a6ccec352_h.jpgMani by Bean Beano, on Flickr

So i clamped all the wastegate together when i welded everything to help prevent anything warping, which it didnt.

49786058931_26f1ab82ac_h.jpgWaste gate by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49786058946_21405c13e5_h.jpgWaste gate by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Then i made this and got it all tacked up to check fitment.
49797468777_bdd15fe773_h.jpgMani by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49797469027_7b8f482c00_h.jpgMani by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Really happy with the fitment i spent hours doing all this. Cutting the pipe trying pieces numerous times then prepping the pipe ect.

and the last test fit!

49797165246_5cd4336d6a_h.jpgTest fit by Bean Beano, on Flickr

The wastegate position is right where i wanted it, the screamer pipe will be a nice just straight piece of pipe so that will be easy to sort out.

Edited by Bean

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On 4/27/2020 at 12:42 PM, Sam44 said:

Really nice work. 

Cheers Sam

Not much of an update but i got the original sump off ready to fit the one ive baffled. 2 of the bolts were pretty rusty so i got thge rest out but gave them a spray with penetrating fluid and came back to them the following day. They both rounded off but one came out by banging a 9mm onto it. The last one snapped off  😢 Leaving this

49905026351_bb7ac5431d_b.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

I got a big set of good quality mole grips on but it wouldnt budge. So i then tried welding a nut onto it but that wouldnt budge it so i tried welded nuts onto it another 2 times but still it wouldnt budge.

So i just built it up with weld until it was glowing red, let it cool a bit then built it up some more and then cool then a bit more down the side of it.

49904509973_67342e7d99_b.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

After this i got some grips on it and it was still tight but it started moving. Then i used a stud extractor and that wound it out easily. It was then stuck in my stud extractor so i usde the grips to get it off and thats why all the threads are damamged on it but its out now so happy days.

49904509823_e569715326_b.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

I also decided to buy myself a big whiteboard to go on a wall in the garage to help me keep track of things as im always forgetting where im at with things and what i need to order or do next. So i got this fitted today and made a start on listing all the cars and what they need on it. It should come in handy.

49905026506_4e6befe5fa_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Ive got a boost solenoid coming and ive bought a dtm connector to use for the wiring for it. I bought the crimping too for the pins, ive not used these connectors before but they look really good without been silly money.

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Sump fitted with the baffles and oil return, i wanted to get all new bolts back in this but tegiwa were out of stock and ive been checking the site and they just werent coming back in stock so i reused most of the old ones and used some decent ones from a b18c6 ive got in the garage. Always handy having spares laying about.

49917262352_c4a13a3283_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

New mishimoto mag sump plug arrived

49917263117_d181af81a7_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

and fitted.
49917262052_40c263bca4_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Slow progress as usual but ive not been feeling too good the past week and a half so couldnt get anything done. Hopefully im on the mend now and can get the turbo bits on for the last time. Still searching for a cheap evo 9 turbo as the one i found the guy cant post it. I found one locally but its got a bit of shaft play so needs a rebuild really. I will keep searching. The Evo 6 turbo will do for now.

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Boost solenoid landed.

49920171343_1b59f12b40_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

One of the differences between the B18c4 and the Type R B18 is this gearbox brace / flywheel cover. on the C4 there is just a small sheet metal flywheel cover and a bracket on each side of the engine. I removed this from a B18c6 ive got in the garage and gave it a quick clean up.

49920985977_69748cd615_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

and fitted.

49920985927_5e1938ac95_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

I then got the coolant lines made from AN6 braided hose and 45 degree black fittings from Torques. I have connected them up one from the idle control valve and the other from the fitting above the front radiator hose connector. This removes the coolant from passing through the throttlebody.

49920986297_d96c98c8a9_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Turbo end

49920687336_e7fd2ba436_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Oil return made up and fitted.

49920172113_904ee51013_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

I used a lamba sensor extension harness to conenct up my sensor.
49920687766_38eef8fdeb_h.jpgDc2 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Making the hoses took longer than i thought it would, its been years since i made any of those.

I havent tightened everything down fully yet as the shouldered nuts ive used on the turbo get a thread cut into them as you tighten them to help prevent them coming loose so i just want to make sure this is the last time the turbo ect is fitted! Feels like ive made some good progress today.

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Thats the thread updated i had missed a couple of posts.

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trying to get the intercooler into position so the bumper and stuff fits in place.

49922518568_e2c6900ac9_h.jpg2020-05-22_03-38-46 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49923640563_35451e7ebc_h.jpg20200522_205351 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

peeking through the indicator hole.

49924467147_824ec9f99c_h.jpg20200522_191454 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

i had to cut this bar out. More on this later.

49924161751_887fe2f187_h.jpg20200522_191115 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49924467617_89de6c9bbf_h.jpg20200522_190201 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

I also drilled the spot welds out on the piece which attaches to the bottom of the plate the bumper catch attaches to. This allowed me to get the intercooler right back.

49924467352_1806250ac7_h.jpg20200522_190229 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49924467662_3c80b1183d_h.jpg20200522_190209 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Thats about it for tonight.

I plan to remake the square tube i cut out and incorporate a reinforcement brace for the bonnet catch piece i cut out which will also mount the intercooler to. Thats the plan anyway.

No cutting of the bumper has taken place yet.

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Looking good mate. What did you use to seal the sump? 

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Pikey009 said:

Looking good mate. What did you use to seal the sump? 

Cheers mate, i used a genuine Honda sump gasket, i also used a thin strip of scotchbrite the same width of the face on the block where the gasket sits to clean up the area so it was mint. I only put a tiny amount of RTV on each side where i think the oil pump joined the block and something else on the other side where i could see a thin line where it bolted up just incase.

The Honda manual says you dont need to use any sealant to seal these sumps just the gasket and the correct tightening sequence and torque on the bolts/nuts.

2 hours ago, Sam44 said:

Great progress.

I'm a big fan of these cars. 

There hard to beat.


Cheers Sam they are such cool cars and drive awesome. As much as i love my starlets the tegs just drive and feel better on the road and it makes you want to put more effort into driving it the best you can. Hopefully i like the boost when its all done. If not ive got a rebuilt B18c6 Type R motor with skimmed head, spoon high comp headgasket, Skunk 2 high comp valves and retainers, so with a the right setup it could be quite a lively na setup.

I went in the garage for a few hours tonight and got some pie cut and prepped.

49931138863_c13a2dc6a5_b.jpg20200524_213700 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Ive kept the pipework tucked in tight to the shell to keep the pipe run as short as possible, no issues with ground clearance, so they are not visable hanging under the car as i think it just looks crap when you see intercooler pipework hanging under the car, its lazy and just makes a poor job. I also dont want to cut the arch liners.

49931138798_e223905bf8_b.jpg20200524_213733 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

The pipe to the throttle body is slightly bigger thats why there is a gap where my new pieces join. I have a huge box full of new ali pipe so it made sense to use what i already had rather than buy even more material.

49931650806_abff6fa915_b.jpg20200524_214359 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

Also made the pics a bit smaller as i realised they were slightly too big.

Tomorrows job i think i will either make a start on the hot side piping or maybe get this piece ive made tacked togther first, then when im happy with how everything fits have a big weldathon of both sides.

Depending on how this setup goes on the welding side of things i have been watching some videos on making intercooler end tanks from ali sheet. I want to do a rear entry maybe just on the turbo outlet side as there is room for it and it will shorten the pipe run and just make a better job of it. I will likely buy another intercooler for this probably slightly smaller than this one and have a go.

Edited by Bean

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10 minutes ago, Pikey009 said:

Get that Celica sold to me to free up some cash for this

Hahaha. 🤣

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I got a few more bits n pieces.

a big delivery!

49952501333_fe22796e4a_b.jpg20200528_091921 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49952501338_b1a9ed6051_b.jpg20200528_092300 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

and assembled

49952501353_6b9090cfb8_b.jpg20200528_105220 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

A swivel head bandsaw, which im absolutely loving!
I got sick of the mess the chop saw was making of the pipework with huge burrs on it which took ages to tidy up and its just a rough old saw. it was also eating blades and makes such a mess, firing sparks everywhere.

I got it setup and knocked out a load of pie cuts.
This is the hotside piping from the turbo to the intecooler pretty much. As you can see its obvious which cuts were done on the chop saw and which were on the bandsaw.

49953291522_673a2f116f_b.jpg20200530_174107 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

49952502228_4075b39842_b.jpg20200530_175824 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

test fited.

49953291107_e0732c0ab9_b.jpg20200530_173751 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

and i made a start tacking it together.

49952502678_73d7a3c175_b.jpg20200530_202046 by Bean Beano, on Flickr

I think im going to remake the parts i did with the chopsaw im just not happy with them.

I got a few other bits but didnt get pics of them. The material arrived to make the new "crash bar"

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