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4EFTE stalls, cant find why

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Hello all, I've been on this forum for a while now but never actually started a thread before.

About 2 months ago me and a friend swapped the 2E-E engine in my EP81 for a fully rebuild 4EFTE engine which came out of a crashed Glanza. I got an engine loom made by a well known company here in the Netherlands who is know for exotic engine swaps and has made a loom like this numerous times before.

After having covered nearly 10.000km with no issues whatsover I took the car on a roadtrip to Finland for a well deserved holiday. However, this is where problems started. While being there the engine started having hicups, it would drop about ~100 rpm during normal driving on the highways, this would only be for about a splitsecond and it would continue operating normally again.

On the way back about halfway across Sweden it happened, the engine stalled on the highway and we had to stop on the emergency lane. After a quick inspection I found the seal behind the ignition rotor was leaking badly and visual position sensor was polluted with oil. After a quick clean with brake cleaner the engine started again and ran fine for another hour till it stalled again. A quick clean again and we were back on the road. This held on until we finally made it back to the Netherlands.

Now back home we are unable to find what is still causing it to stall. We have changed the seal behind the rotor and pretty much changed every part which is related to the ignition but the problem remains. It is totally random at which the engine stalls, sometimes a couple of times in minutes, sometimes nothing happens for half an hour. When it dies it doesnt always start again right away. If we crank it and the RPM gauge doesnt go up to ~500 you can tell it wont start because no of signal. We have tried wiggling the engine loom while it was running but could not replicate issue. We tried swapping ECU, rotor, rotorcap, igniter modules and stuff like that but didnt work. There is no visual chaffing of the loom but I am thinking to take the loom out and send it back to its maker so they can check it. In the meantime could I try changing things like sensors?

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the car is currently at my place, as marijn has said we have changed out everything related to the ignition.

have not tried efi relay yet. will give that a shot.

the symptoms are that the car just shuts off completely. rev counter goes to 0 while the car slows down on the engine. then suddenly its like the ignition is turned on again and the car picks up like nothing happened.

injectors also shut off as there is no bang in the exhaust when the car fires up again.

will give the efi relay a go and hope to god that is it

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On 10/5/2016 at 7:51 AM, PureRage said:

anybody else have an idea what can cause this?


I swapped a a 4efe with a 4efte from a Glanza V ep91 AT in a Corolla E11 MT. The engine revs go up very well in every gear. Today I found out that the cuts ignition at 190 km/h. I don’t know why it happened. I just changed the fuel pump with a Walbro GSS 342 255 LPH.. Any idea why the engine cut power?

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