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Ac Friendly ep91 front mount

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Probly best to get a more efficient (uprated) top mount intercooler. Weper do 1.

From what I can see the midland turbo (Liam) hybrid ct9b look the best option. 

Remove the efi pipe very restrictive. Install a good fuel pressure regulator, hks turbo actuator, electrical boost controller and grind the hell out of your exhaust manifold ports. You should see a good gain on standard boost pressure. 

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lots of information in there regarding fmic intercoolers there---seems some of the pictures are missing

i personally run a greddy fmic for the ep91, which allows a/c, p/s, stock radiator, etc. to be kept in place, but i'm not sure if these still sell or have been discontinued

try WEPR 


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Hey OP..

the fmic kit on the link above has been discontinued. Our kits are the best on market. we utilize Garrett cores  and have the shortest possible piping route.  our kit is a/c compatible. but does require some cutting of the bumper due to the 3" thick core. 

As sam as had mentioned above...we do have a top mount IC option too which is a pretty straight forward install. but tmic upgrade is only good for very specific requirements. 

as for a manifold/downpipe upgrade to suit your ct9 hybrid ..any one of our non-stock location ct9 manifold kits will allow max flow upgrade and delete all factory restrictions allowing you to make maximum power from your ct9.

we also have a ct9 billet hybrid which is completely built in the USA (no chinesium crap). it rated to 200whp/1.5bar(91 octane). its pricy..but no other ct9 base hybrid will out perform it. if combined with a manifold/fmic kit..we can offer some big discounts on the whole bundle.

Send us a PM if any of this interests  you...!!

53730334_10156365749042809_1497428098503671808_n (1).jpg








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15 hours ago, Sam44 said:

Some outstanding products right there. That top mounted turbo manifold and intercooler with some higher lift cams and you will have great power output all the way till redline. 

Do you do a topmount tdo4 manifold I'll have 1. 





hi sam..yes we do have a top mount kit for td04L...i dont want to spam this thread with pics/details as its un-related to this post. please send us a PM and i will happy to send you all details mate.

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